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Review: Worlds Apart Disney Princess Ready Bed

by S1m

Earlier this year Mini Me and I spent a lovely mini break with some very good friends of ours in Wales. At the time of making all the arrangements, my friend and I were so excited we did not actually consider the logistics of 3 adults and 3 children in a large 2 bedroom house. I was sorted for a place to sleep but where would Mini Me sleep. Thanks to Worlds Apart we did not need to worry as they sent us one of the Disney Princess Ready Beds from their range. The clock was ticking but we received it in time to make the trip and also have a test before hand!

I am old school in the fact that when I used to go camping I had an air bed that took eons to pump up and a separate sleeping bag. Worlds Apart have taken that to the next level and combined a blow up bed with a washable sleeping bag cover. If that wasn’t astounding enough, the bed actually rolls up into itself so it makes it super easy to carry! Perfect for little campers.

There are a range of sizes and designs to choose from depending whether for a boy or girl. It was always a very easy choice for Mini Me as she is slightly obsessed with Princesses and actually being one… Prince Harry watch out!

Pumping the bed was turned into a game which Mini Me participated in for all of about 5 pumps and then it was back to me again to ensure the bed was inflated. Although there is an pillow section that is inflated it may be wise to also use an extra pillow just to ensure your child’s neck and head are comfy. A pump is included with the bed and it inflates easily within a couple of minutes.

The actual sleeping bag part was surprisingly warm and Mini Me refused an extra blanket ‘just in case’.

The bed was a godsend and a relief to my friend who had been worrying over where Mini Me was going to sleep, the children still had space to play during the day as the bed was easily propped up against the wall.

It’s a great reassurance that if we have any overnight visitors we always have bed space and when not in use the Worlds Apart Ready Bed is easily stored away!

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Musing Housewife January 2, 2013 - 9:15 pm

I remember this well and it worked a treat! 😀


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