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I Don’t Know How Teachers Do It!

by S1m

My week has been hideously busy with work, yet I was lucky enough to have a little respite on Tuesday when I attended two showings of Liv’s nativity play.

Both were amazingly funny and sweet, with the afternoon session slightly louder and more boisterous as it was obvious the kids were getting tired and bored. I felt for the teachers as they had a hard job keeping some of the more mischievous characters in line. Teaching is certainly a profession I do not have enough patience for, but if it is something you have considered looking into then there is some great information on teaching vacancies here.

I am so impressed with how well Liv has settled in at her new nursery, especially considering she attends all day. Weirdly enough she comes home with more energy than she actually goes with. The teachers always seem to have smiles on their face and are genuinely happy, I am sure they must just go straight home and to bed. The positive influence of having a full time school nursery place is very noticeable and it really was the best decision for Liv. I felt a little guilty at first as it is such a long day and she was not used to being away from me for so long, though she has made some fantastic friends and looks forward to going to nursery every day… even at the weekends!

I have just filled in Liv’s primary school application form, which is a daunting task in itself but having to wait for school approval is going to drive me potty! Hopefully if Liv stays at the school she currently attends nursery at she will move up into Reception with her current teachers, which is fantastic. For me it is very reassuring as the teachers are super lovely and know Liv and her quirks… and her cheekiness!


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