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Great Charity Fundraising Ideas

by S1m

Imaginative ideas for charity fundraising at work

Raising money for charity with your colleagues can create some of the most rewarding memories of your working year. It’s great for your favourite causes, and employee fundraising is also good for your company’s public profile. But once you’ve got that abseiling out of your system, and people are looking bored when you ask them to sponsor you to run round the local park (what? again?) – Perhaps you need inspiration for some new, sparklier and more interesting fundraising ideas:


Ping pong tournament

Sports like ping pong, bowling, darts, all benefit from being inclusive – colleagues who aren’t so athletic often feel unable to participate in 5-a-side football or netball tournaments, which can lead to an uncharitable “them and us” situation. Raise the most money by organising a tournament that everyone can join. If you can, invite teams from other regional offices – even from suppliers and competitors outside the company but within your industry. A little healthy competition will inspire people to wield that ping pong paddle with gusto – and raise as much money as they can.


Fantasy FTSE

Or X Factor, or cricket, or … Football has been done already! Anyone can play fantasy football for free on the internet, so try thinking up something else. Which blue chip corporations will have the highest stock market value when the FTSE closes on a given date? Who will be voted out of the latest TV talent show in which order? What does your company do, and is there some industry-specific contest that could get the “fantasy” treatment? A TV production company could do Fantasy Tony Awards, while a garden centre chain could try Fantasy Chelsea Flower Show…


Gala evening with charity auction

This will require someone with event organisation skills, and preferably negotiation skills too, as you’ll want to get as many suppliers to donate their services for free (or cheaply) in order to maximise the profits you’ll be handing over to your chosen charity. Raise money by selling tickets to the event; you could also hold an auction (or a raffle) with donated prizes, which can be offered by local shops and restaurants (dinner for two, for example), or skills offered by your colleagues. The event can be as glamorous or casual as you like – just bear in mind what’s appropriate for your employer and the cause you’re fundraising for.


Tour de Your Company’s Offices

If you have multiple regional offices or branches, and some healthy cyclists in your midst, organise a Tour de [insert company name here]. Participants can cycle between as many locations as they can manage. Set up a company sponsorship page and make sure all your cyclists have bibs displaying both your chosen charity and your company’s branding. It might also be worth checking with local traffic police, particularly if you have a large number of cyclists in your peloton. Make sure everyone is familiar with bicycle safety before they’re allowed to join in. As an added incentive, you can arrange for their efforts to be timed, although this will require some collaborators in the other offices – all of whom will need to synchronise watches before the race begins!

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