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Being Organised At Christmas Time

by S1m

Whether you are a fan of Christmas or not, it never fails to surprise people into panic buying presents and sending cards at the last minute? Why, I cry? Why is it such a huge surprise when you have 11 months to prepare for the big day?

For years now I have looked on in amazement as people buy milk and bread like it is going out of stock forever. Do they not realise Tesco is only shut for one day, a matter of 24 hours?

ParcelForceI have always had to be organised at Christmas for one reason or another, but especially since Liv came along. Due on Christmas Day, she eventually arrived on the 30th December meaning the festive period in our house is always manic… coupled with the fact my Dad’s birthday is on Christmas Eve!

For staying organised and saving money throughout the year I tend to buy my Christmas cards in the January sale – generally at half price or less and stock up on present items when sales are on. Online shopping is a godsend and one of my favourite online shops is The Body Shop. They have an amazing sale after Christmas, with some very good promotional codes if you look online. Fantastic for stocking up and putting in your present draw ready for Christmas and birthdays that pop up through the year.

Having been a courier over the Christmas period I know how stressful it is and I really do sympathise with courier companies, especially Parcelforce. It’s not the drivers fault, they can be dealing with upwards of 250 parcels a day and can be driving in some appalling conditions, only to be met with grumpy people who left present buying to the last minute. Couriers love a smile and it costs absolutely nothing. Albeit they have probably heard comments about the weather all day long, just a simple ‘drive safe’ or ‘hope you finish your round soon’ will perk them up!

So yes, I am now sat here, revelling in the knowledge that not only have I sent out all my Christmas cards, I also have all my presents nicely wrapped up waiting for Christmas Day.

Don’t let Christmas come as a surprise, remember to organise yourself and prepare for the big event in advance!

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