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Goodbye Instagram, Hello Pudding Camera

by S1m
Pudding Camera

I unfortunately was quite late to the Instagram party, having had a Blackberry Torch until recently when I upgraded to the simply amazing Samsung Galaxy S3. An android handset which I am still getting to grips with on a daily basis and that I think is truly awesome.

I was never going to choose an iPhone, it’s not a phone I am interested in as I love steering away from the norm and the Google Play Store offers me everything I need and more. One thing I loved about finally being able to use Instagram was the fact it automatically uploaded my image to Twitter. As a blogger and all round social media addict that is a feature I appreciated as it would show a small snapshot of the image in my tweet and also include in my images. Imagine my surprise last weekend when I noticed half of my images had disappeared. I really did have one of those ‘Did I actually ever take any images’ moments!

It transpired that Twitter and Instagram (now owned by Facebook) had a tiff and the extremely handy feature had been suspended. How ridiculous! Is this seriously all down to who can attain the most followers in the Social Media world? I am now back again to being annoyed that I have to go to greater lengths in which to attach an image to a Tweet. Although you can still use Instagram on Twitter it now only shows as a link to click on and will no longer feature on your Twitter images. Ball ache!!

In my eyes Facebook Instrgam has cut its nose off to spite it’s face as I went in search of another image capture app immediately. After reading an interesting post recommending other camera apps to use, I tried to find them on Play Store with no success, in the end I did a general search and downloaded a couple and do believe I fell in love on first use with Pudding Camera.

With the ability to change camera style – anything from a normal image shot to funky quarter sections with the ability to add coloured effects I do believe I fell in love on first use with Pudding Camera, which incidentally is a free app. This is now going to be the camera app I use the most (goodbye generic Samsung app, sorry!)

If you have the opportunity to try the app, I would highly recommend Pudding Camera! As with Twitter now, you still have to attach the image to a tweet but for the image possibilities, it is well worth the extra 30 seconds of time. Perfect for all those images you want to capture on Christmas Day!

I was in a rush to include these images so chose the first filter and colour option I came to… definitely adds something different to images!

Pudding Camera

Pudding Camera


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Sian @ Cybher December 17, 2012 - 12:13 am

I’m off to see if Pudding Image is available on iOS. Thanks for the heads up.

Sim December 17, 2012 - 8:48 am

It’s all thanks to you Sian that not only did I find Pudding Camera but that I also found out about the Twitter and Instagram feud otherwise I would have still been wondering where my images where now! I hope it is available on iOS, I think you would like it. The effects are awesome, I really need to stick some images up on this post! 🙂

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Musing Housewife January 2, 2013 - 9:11 pm

I’ve got it on my iPhone, however, it has failed several times to connect with Facebook… It does work with Twitter though… so I suppose all is not lost!


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