Who Does Make A Good Weight Watchers Ambassador?

Hopping on the scales this morning I was both shocked and pleasantly surprised with a 4lb loss so far this week (actually taken from Tuesday). Yes, my crazy calorie counting/Weight Watchers Diet is actually working and I am already beginning to notice a difference. As with most things in life I am just sorry that I did not attempt the diet sooner! I have become accustomed with the diet rather quickly and my eating habits are certainly changing for the better. No more snacking during the day and if I do feel I need something to push me onto my next meal then I simply reach for a banana (0 pro points) or a Weight Watchers Fromage Frais (1 pro point).

I have had no inclination at all to attend any local Weight Watchers meetings, until a pamphlet landed on my doorstop yesterday with free registration and 1st meeting vouchers. Unfortunately the classes coincide with my work, but I feel comfortable enough with the diet and have the encouragement of The Musing Housewife to carry on by myself.

182320_469572399745050_2068301441_nI checked the leaflet over and read all the information and even spotted Patsy Kensit on the front… hang on… rewind… Patsy Kensit as the new face of Weight Watchers?

The Musing Housewife and I had already had the discussion about Patsy… why on earth is she deemed a motivational figure for all us normal folk on Weight Watchers? She had it in her mind she had to lose a couple of pounds… and? How is that going to spur someone on who has a few stones to lose? She would have been on the diet for a couple of weeks at the most… what about the people who have to be on it for months or years… whether to lose weight or just to maintain as they enjoy the diet?

Jennifer Hudson was the face of Weight Watchers USA and it’s clear to see why, she took the diet seriously and it paid off as she looks amazing! In total she shed more than 80lbs, proving serious weight can be shifted if you stick to the diet.

Greg Wallace as another current ambassador, I can understand, he likes his food but has still been able to lose weight we could all see what there and he looks much better for it. Though Patsy, I just cannot see why she even needed to go on Weight Watchers in the first place… vanity more than anything. Sorry love, not only can you not act (Lethal Weapon anyone?!) and look like a trout with your pout but you will certainly not be my role model for my Weight Watchers journey.


  1. Musing Housewife says:

    This time next year it’ll be us as the faces of Weight Watchers!
    I totally agree with you though, Patsy Kensit is not a good role model for us!

    • Sim says:

      I had never even deemed her even slightly heavy!! I thrive off reading and hearing about real life stories and I just cannot take her seriously. I do not like her as a celeb (my own personal opinion) so how can I take her seriously as a weight loss role model?

  2. jo says:

    To be fair, while she’s never been really big, she has often talked about her weight in interviews – I remember when she was in Holby she looked the biggest I’d seen her. There’s the thing too, WW isn’t about just getting bigger people to be smaller, it’s about everyone – while I can respect your opinion, I think having many people of varying sizes who aren’t happy with how they are and are doing something about it, has to be a good thing?

    • Sim says:

      Absolutely! I am not trying to detract from the fact she has lost weight – agreed Holby did show her at a heavier weight. For me though, who does have several stone to lose a better role model for my motivation is someone like Jennifer Hudson. She clearly has been in it for the long haul, as I will be. I am all for real life stories which is why I am enjoying reading all the weight loss blog posts of friends as opposed to reading Patsy Kensit’s journey.

      • jo says:

        Fair enough – but remember the US has Jessica Simpson as well! (who I find a bit too much and not very inspiring) TBH, I’d probably not even notice a celebrity losing weight – like you say, it’s all about what your friends do – I’ve lost a stone on WW now, and I’ve had two friends keen to sign up because of that – so I guess it’s how seriously you think a celeb (who let’s face it, probably has a personal trainer on the side as well!)

        Ms Kensit will always be that girl from the Birds Eye Peas advert to me anyway, or the singer in Eighth Wonder 🙂

        • Sim says:

          You hit the nail on the head Jo, something I discussed with a friend the other day… celebs can afford personal trainers, private gyms, dinners at The Ivy where they can be fussy over their food… if we go to a Harvester (not that I do btw!) and start making demands on the Chef, well you know what will happen to our food! Everything is quite literally on a plate for them… I am a single mum who doesn’t have the time to go to a gym, so any exercise needs to be done in the house or walking as much as possible. I make food for myself and daughter and can’t remember the last time someone made something for me.
          I was trying not to mention Jessica Simpson as I don’t think she has ever been truthful about her weight! Real life is the way to go, you don’t just see the finished (and polished) product… you actually see the struggles and tears your friends and real people go through and shed in order to lose weight the hard way. Let’s rock this!!

          Birds Eye Peas? I may be a little too young for that one… but after watching The Panto that was on tv over Christmas which PK starred in, it’s clear she will never win an Oscar 😛

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