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Paperwork, Bills, Mortgage Comparison and Meter Readings…

by S1m

Weirdly, I was asked last month if I still had my meter readings from December 2011. I was aghast! Do people actually keep their meter readings year on year? Clearly this is something that I need to start doing. My flippant reply of ‘Love, you have no idea how much paperwork I have had to sift through this year, so I can categorically say NO I do not have them’ seemed to gain sympathy.

Though, it is true! My office honestly does look like Liv has had a paper party in there. Unfortunately I cannot use her as my excuse, as I know it is definitely all down to me and the fact I hate filing. Thankfully if I ever need to find anything, I always can rather quickly.

I have a feeling though, that my paper mountain is only going to increase in size as I am currently considering numerous mortgage options for Liv and I which requires scrutinising over my many folders of paperwork and paper dotted around the house, writing my Christmas card list alongside Liv’s (which will then require a hunt in my office to find the cards I bought in January! I think you could call me an eager beaver!), being inundated on a daily basis with the numerous drawing Liv creates for me at nursery and then all the pictures she creates at home.

Liv is now very much into the ‘cutting pictures out’ stage, something which she can do as I bought special Crayola scissors for her. As awesome set that only cut paper, so no worries of crazy hairdressing disasters! Very much like me at her age, I too used to drive my mum crazy by leaving lots of paper trimmings all over the floor. At least I can say that we contribute to the paper recycling!

So as you can see I sometimes feel that I am living in a forest being surrounded by so much paper. Which is why I love arranging things online, it is so quick, convenient and you can easily send an email to your phone to remind you of any details. I may even store my meter readings on my phone, just in case I am ever asked again if I ever have my meter readings from 2012 and can exclaim ‘Yes!’

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