Weight Loss Wednesday Linky – Week 2 Weight Watchers

Weight Loss Wednesday Linky – Week 2 Weight Watchers

Weight WatchersOk, so I am a day late this week… however Thinning Thursday just did not have the same ring to it! It has been a long week since last Wedneday and I know I haven’t done as well as I could have.

Liv and I did chomp down on a very tasty and much needed curry last Friday night, I did have lunch out with a friend on the Thursday (but was still good) and Liv and I may have both become huge fans of the Weight Watchers Chocolate Caramel Wafers (2 points each bar and only 77 calories) – great for me as a little pick me up when I am stalling in the afternoon.

Jumping on the bike has been going well, last night was the first night in 2 weeks that I have not been on it and I feel slightly naughty and extremely guilty. I will just have to pull some extra time tonight!

My weight loss is still steady though and this week I have achieved a 3.5lb loss, which is awesome considering the set back on Friday night. I am still enjoying the diet, it fits in extremely well with my lifestyle – if Liv eats anymore carrots she may actually just turn into one! We are constantly having fresh food, with copious amounts of fresh vegetables and fruit.

The Musing Housewife is also going strong with her Weight Watchers journey and has some amazing recipes with the Weight Watchers Pro Point values. In fact some of her recipes have inspired me to break from the norm, I did buy some WW’s sausages (1 point per sausage) and bacon (1 point per rasher) and plan to cook those with some eggs and tomatoes – most likely tomorrow as comfort food to face the bucket load of snow we are due.

I paid a visit to Poundland this week, not my usual haunt, however it was recommended for WW food… why have I not been in there before? Honestly, I could not believe the WW range available, bagels, bread, wraps, biscuits, crisps, pasta sauces and my absolute favourite…Weight Watchers Caramel Mallows. A heaven filled wafer sandwich… two wafer thins with a marshmellow and squeeze of caramel filling… not only do they taste amazing… they are only 1 Pro Point each and 55 calories!! Great for snacking throughout the day, which is what I love most about this diet, you are still able to treat yourself! Until next time…

Feel free to add your weight loss post/ diet post/ recipe post etc and don’t forget to leave a comment below! 🙂

Don’t forget the 7hippoptamus weekly weigh in linky is here.


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  1. jo

    oooh well done on the weightloss! Oh god, and isn’t Poundland great for it all? I need to do an update on my progress (looking good for more weightloss on Saturday – at LAST!) – will add to the linky, I’ve been ridiculously tired this week so lagging behind a bit with everything!

    1. Sim

      Thanks Jo!! Feeling great and still feeling motivated! It’s lovely to see the weight loss on paper but the proof is in the pudding as they say! When your clothes start feeling looser it’s amazing! Poundland is fab!! The WW range is great and I think I am slightly hooked on the Caramel Marshmellow Wafers now – for £1 they are a bargain 🙂

      Fingers crossed for you on Sunday, sending positive vibes! Please do add to the linky, will be lovely to see how you are getting on xx

  2. Susan Mann (@susankmann)

    Well done honey x

    1. Sim

      Thanks Susan!! Hope you and bump are well!!xx

  3. Mum Reinvented

    Well done on your loss this week! Who’d have thought poundland would have so many weight watchers goodies in there! Good luck for this week!

    1. Sim

      Thanks hun! I know!! I had a hard time choosing what to put in my basket, I chose well with the caramel mallow wafers though. Delicious and very more-ish!!
      Good luck to you for this next week – hope the diet is going well! 🙂 x

  4. Jane Townson

    Fantastic weight loss, well done. Good luck for next week x

    1. Sim

      Thanks Jane, still feeling motivated to do this! I love seeing the scales going down instead of up!
      Good luck for next week to you too!xx

  5. Cheryl @ Madhouse Family Reviews

    Well done, you’re doing amazingly. I’d forgotten how good Poundland is for WW things – thanks for the reminder ! 🙂

  6. The Musing Housewife

    Well done on your weightloss hunny!! 😀

    1. Sim

      Thank you lovely lady!!! The same applies 😛 xxxx

  7. Alison

    Brilliant loss, well done

    1. Sim

      Thanks Alison! 🙂 xx

  8. Spicers1976

    well done on the loss

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