Why The Snow Is The Perfect Excuse For Online Shopping

Fact… I love to shop.

Fact… I love online shopping.

I love online shopping to the point that I have not even walked through the doors of my local Tesco since Christmas. Having all my groceries delivered to my door is a great time saver for me, especially when I do not have much free time to go and complete a full shop.

When I came up with the idea of a fancy dress party for my impending 30th birthday, there was only one option… have a look online. I can find anything I require online, including crazy Afro wigs!

Websites such as K&Co, which I recently stumbled across really do make online shopping so much easier. An almost one to shop, you can find almost anything you require on there.

20130118_085300Having a free 10 minutes, there is nothing better than putting your feet up, with a cup of tea and scrolling through and spotting things that I may need for our home. I have a terrible memory and unless I actually see an item when either online shopping or when I am visiting shops, I will forget that I actually need it.

In weather such as today, when the snow is blasting down and the roads are treacherous (at this point I have already locked my wheels and driven into my lamppost on my garden – long story, the car and myself are fine!) there really is no need to go out. I am definitely staying inside and will walk to pick Liv up from school later today, sledge and all!

The free time is definitely welcome though as it will give me the opportunity to look for the last few items to finish off my party nicely – it also gives me an opportunity to watch my neighbours trying to cope with driving up the close and to go and help if necessary.

Praise online shopping!

Praise the snow! 🙂

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