What Are Your Favourite Apps?

For the past couple of days I have had to find ways to entertain Liv, whilst she has been off school with a cold. With the use of our iPad this has been very easy, though the number of gaming apps now far outweighs any of my apps!

My phone though, the lovely Samsung Galaxy S3 is a different story! Liv is not allowed to touch, what I like to think of as an extension of my right arm! Loaded with useful apps such as MyFitnessPal which I really could not live without at the moment, the phone does go everywhere with me.

MyFitnessPal was recommended to me as an app and website perfect for helping weight loss. It has been great to record and count calories in the daily foods I eat as well as being able to enter any exercises completed. So far, this app has helped me lose a stone in 3 weeks… I would say it works! The fact that you can connect with friends also using the app to keep each other motivated is a bonus!

Pudding Camera

Another great app I came across before Christmas is Pudding Camera. An alternative camera app that allows you to take pictures with various different camera lenses and colour options. This app turns what would normally be the usual image into something fun and colourful. See my post here.

Screenshot_2013-01-21-08-20-26There are so many apps that I really could not live without but I have to say the Met Office app has proved rather handy with the snowy weather the UK is currently having to endure. This handy app updates regularly which makes it easier for me to plan outings… and my wardrobe! It seems I cannot put away my snow boots just yet!

I have to stick with this phone for another year, although as I am immensely happy with the phone I couldn’t dream of changing at the moment though. I do check on the Carphone Warehouse site every so often though as they usually have great deals on phones and I like that fact that getting a phone from them allows you the choice of tariff and provider you would prefer to use.

Disclosure: This is a featured post but all words, thoughts and images are my own.

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