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Review: Children’s Dalmation Style Onesie From @KigsHQ

by S1m

Having spent the weekend celebrating my 30th birthday, all I wanted to do was curl up on the sofa with Liv, in our onesies and watch tv with lots of comfort food. Mainly due to the fact that the weather outside was so unpredictable! On Saturday morning we awoke to at least 8 inches of fresh snow and by Sunday morning it had all disappeared and been replaced with heavy rain!

Definite onesie weather!

If you have heard the term but are still oblivious to the new fashion craze, onesies, simply are all in one pyjamas. Most can be used as actual sleepwear, though some funky all-in-ones such as the Kigs Dalmation modelled by Liv are to keep the wearer warm. Almost like a replacement dressing gown. Though some brave individuals do venture out  wearing character onesies and they are great for fancy dress parties!

The Kigs onesies are available in adult size and children’s aged 5-9 years. The Dalmation, footless onesie Liv was kindly sent will last her quite a while yet and I love the fact there is enough room for her to wear clothes underneath and just wrap herself in the all-in-one.

Well made, with large, easy to open and close press studs I have actually found it extremely hard to get Liv out of her onesie, especially the past few days when she has been ill. It’s fun, cute and she loves it!

The hood (which acts as the Dalmations face) has been great to keep Liv’s head and ears warm – the added tail is an extremely cute feature and finishes the design off well. Made from a polyester fleece, it really does keep the person wearing the outfit warm.

The perfect fashion accessory to keep you warm and snuggly relaxing and curling up on the sofa, for a night in front of the tv has never been as enjoyable! Kigs have an amazing range of adorable onesies and admittedly it was a tough decision to choose just one for Liv. I am sure if I had let her choose we could have been there all day! Priced at £39.95 for adults and £34.95 for children you will not be disappointed

Members only deals can be found on the Kigs Facebook Page

* Kigs is short for Kigurumi – a Japanese word for performers who wear cartoon costumes, mainlyanimal costumes*

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Emma January 30, 2013 - 12:55 pm

Seriously cute! Mine all have onesies and I am more than a little tempted to join the craze myself! Thanks for linking up.


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