Weight Loss Wednesday Linky – Not So Much Weight Loss As On Weight Watchers

Weight Loss Wednesday Linky – Not So Much Weight Loss As On Weight Watchers

Weight Loss WednesdayThis is the moment where I come clean… I have not had a great week and have put on 1.5lbs 🙁

I always knew it was going to happen though as I have just celebrated my birthday weekend, where I may just have had a tipple or two… plus some calorie laden treats!! *cough*

Not to worry though as I am back on track again, using the fabulous Weight Watchers Online app, it is very handy to have it on my phone and as I try to eat similar food items every day, all the details are already saved for me.

Losing weight isn’t all about what you eat though and I have had to motivate myself to jump on my exercise bike for 15-20 minutes each night. The fact I can place it in front of the tv every night and cycle away whilst watching my favourite soaps makes exercising so much more enjoyable. In fact after almost a month of doing this I am not even finding it a chore anymore and come to enjoy hopping on the bike. I just do not have a chance to visit a gym, as a single mum it is impossible – especially as I have been working in the evenings. I am finding that using the bike is certainly having an impact with my weight loss and toning up – but it also gives me a break from work!

I do try to walk as much as possible and due to my long legs, seem to walk a little faster than others – heaven forbid if I get caught behind slow moving traffic as I seem to forget how to walk and just shuffle along! The Weight Watchers Pedometer is something that I need to set up and make sure I keep on me to record how far I do walk on a daily basis, I am sure it will be quite interesting to see the results!

Having had several discussions with others who are on the Weight Watchers diet, we all agree that it is hard to reach your daily points total, especially if you do not feel hungry. I am a definite creature of habit and love chomping into my daily ham, cheese and salad wrap. Again as I work from home, taking the time out to make this allows me to refresh whilst on a break. I do find my daily routine is the same, especially when it comes to what I eat, though Liv and I do have our favourite foods and it the routine works perfectly.

I tend to start the day with a cup of tea, milk and 1 sugar, along with a Weight Watchers Layered Fromage Frais . A banana makes the perfect mid morning snack, or one of my favourite Weight Watchers yummy caramel mallow wafers – at only 1 point each, you can easily have two! 😛

Lunch is a ham and cheese slice salad wrap – usually 3 points for a WW wrap, 1 point for the WW cheese slice and 1 point for 3-4 slices of wafer thin ham. Salad as you may already be aware is 0 points so you can fill to your hearts content.

Dinner totally depends on how Liv and I feel, I do love the WW Chicken Curry with rice, though nothing beats oven cooked chicken with wrapped with lean bacon rashers and vegetables. My freezer is stuffed full with WW Chocolate Brownie desserts – only 4 Pro Points each – which Liv and I love, they are the perfect size for an after dinner treat.

Now that I am fully back on track again, I hope to lose the 1.5lbs I put on easily and surpass that by my next weigh in. Fingers crossed!

Don’t forget to add your weight loss posts and recipes below! 🙂

I am proud to be a Weight Watchers Blogger Ambassador – I have not received any compensation for this post and the words and opinions are all my own.

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  1. The Musing Housewife

    Don’t fret!!! It’s one of those things! I gained this week aswell!

    As you say “Onwards & Downwards”.!

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