Handy Tips To Make Money Online

Life as a single parent can be hard at the best of times, but where budgeting is concerned, saving money is paramount.

Over the years I have used TopCashBack when shopping online and have accumulated just under £600 in the past 5 years. Not bad considering I would have been spending money online anyway! The majority of the cashback has come from arranging new insurance policies though at Christmas you will find most online shops will offer fantastic cashback deals in order to entice you to spend with them.

Car boot sales are a great way to sell your clutter, raise money and more importantly socialise! You actually get to see people face to face, have a little haggle and you receive the money immediately. Though be warned… some car boot sales require you to be there for 6am!

Selling your own items to make money online… if your house is as cluttered as mine with things you do not actually use, then selling your items online in order to raise money and regain valuable space is the easy option. Ebay is the obvious choice, though for me I have had so many bad experiences over the years that I tend not to sell any items via the site anymore. I once sold a dress to a lady who asked if she could send it back as it did not fit her! I replied stating I was an individual and not an online shop and that she should try selling it on herself. What I wanted to suggest was that she actually lose weight so that she would fit into the dress!

Unwanted DVD’s, CD’s and games are a source of income that you may never have considered. There really is no need to let discs lay stacked and unused when you can sell them on sites such as musicMagpie.com. The process is a lot easier than you would expect and you do not have to deal with any disgruntled Ebayers!

Whether you are saving up for a rainy day or for a specific occasion, unused items in your home are a great source of income and it is just the excuse needed for a good, spring clean!

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  1. Mary Keynko says:

    I have just discouvered top cash back – and I love it already. Like you say the money would have been spent anyway so why not claw some back if you can!

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