Mum’s Night Off With Domino’s

Domino’s… ahhhh the convenience of having a piping hot Meteor pizza (with pineapple and extra meat balls… it’s all about the meat balls!) delivered to my door along with Chicken Strippers, Chicken Wings and the all important Chocolate cookies! I even had the simply delicious Honey and Mustard dipping sauce added too… I recall when that used to be free… maybe they realised how much I liked it which is now why they charge me 40p for a pot!

dominosFollowing on from my birthday, Liv and I were feeling sluggish after an action packed 30th birthday and there was room for just one more treat. A Domino’s! As Liv was suffering with the awful norovirus and I had a little work in the evening, it made sense to order what I would describe as ‘picky food’ that could easily be eaten the day after if not finished. The major bonus was the fact that I didn’t have to cook – a night off from cooking healthy food for my Weight Watchers Diet was just what I needed!

The pizza delivery is always very good from our local Domino’s – I have had the same delivery driver for the past 6 years and in the past he has even stopped by to drop off vouchers for me. He is a superstar as the vouchers do help save money when we have a little treat.

The range of starters is adequate for us – Liv generally has the chicken strippers (strips of chicken coated in a crispy breadcrumb layer) which she prefers to dip into tomato ketchup and I have the chicken wings. Although on the rare occasion Liv will share with me, a chicken stripper dipped in the garlic and herb sauce, delivered with all the pizzas is lovely!

When it comes to pizza toppings, taking Liv into consideration, it is much easier to choose a meaty pizza so that she can pick the topping off without eating the pizza base. Neither of us are crust lovers and the box tends to refill back up with crusts in place of pizza. For me, I would choose really random pizza toppings and make sure there were plenty of jalapeno peppers – on pizza they are awesome!

When we find we cannot fit anymore into our ever increasing tummies, we then move onto the cookies. With 4 in a box it’s quite easy to divide between the two of us so that there are no arguments! The cookies are always hidden from Liv as I am sure she would dive straight in them before eating her meal first.

Ordering online is an easy process and I prefer this to phoning up, that way I know I am ordering exactly what I want. One thing that caught my attention recently on the site was the fact you can now order Movies with your pizza… Where on earth did that come from? Movie Box Office is a fantastic idea – with great titles to rent such as Magic Mike (*cough*) and What To Expect When You Are Expecting. These are just a few of the titles available, which are sent to you via URL to watch online. A rental price of £3.49 is far cheaper than going to the cinema or buying a DVD, plus you can enjoy a steamy hot pizza whilst watching in the comfort of your own home!

I have to thank Domino’s, I am grateful for the fact they given me the night off on many occasions!

Disclosure: I was not paid for this post, however the delicious food was reimbursed for us.

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