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Is A Personal Trainer Actually Worth It?

by S1m
Personal Trainer

I received a leaflet today regarding a local personal training duo offering their services and I did something I have never done before… I checked them out. Online of course! I had already checked the trainers themselves out whilst they were walking around my close!

With my new healthy Sim campaign in full swing it’s a case of keeping up the motivation, especially when Liv and I have been ill recently. It’s very easy to slip back into old habits and reach for comfort food. Luckily I haven’t, though my exercise regime has slipped slightly due to being unable to breathe properly.

The thought of having a good looking chap with rippling muscles stood in my living room barking orders at me actually does sound quite pleasant.

‘Get down and give me 20’

Yes, Sir!’ *salutes*

I am sure the reality of it is something entirely different. Though the fact that the duo do home visits is fantastic for people like myself who do not have the time nor the childcare help in order to nip down to the gym for an hour or so every week.

All was looking great… until I saw the prices…

The Yorkshire war cry… ‘How much?’ resonated around my 4 walls. It took me by surprise as I am on the Lancashire side! Literally a few sessions would be the equivalent to an annual gym pass! No wonder Personal Trainers smile a lot!

News flash… I am not a celeb with oodles of time and nannies to help out, plus I do not have their bank accounts!

It’s not only the price that puts me off but also the images! C’mon guys… who are you trying to kid? The skinny minnies posing in next to nothing are clearly your other halves! Heaven forbid a PT (Personal trainer don’t you know!) should go out with a porker! It would be awesome if they did… a little bit of loving AND the use of a free PT… bingo! Try including before and after images. People on a weight loss journey are motivated by real life stories of people who have struggled through on a daily basis. ‘This is what you could look like’ is reminiscent of Bullseye and the unfortunate line ‘Let’s have a look at what you could have won’… a polite way to scream ‘Loser!’

So the option of a PT is well and truly out for me and I am going to have to rely on my own sheer willpower alone. My eating habits seem to be on track and this evening I tucked into Turkey Bacon for the very first time.  Placed on top of lettuce, tomato, cucumber and red onion on a Weight Watchers wrap it was better than expected. Though it simply isn’t as delicious as a couple of rashers of crispy bacon. *Yum*

I will have to jump back on my bike when I feel better, currently I feel like one little wobble and I will probably fall off! Positioned in front of the tv, I can cycle away for as long as I like and hope it is going some way to toning up my legs. I have even attempted the whole intermittent 4 minute exercise regime. Cycling as fast as you possibly can for 20 seconds, resting for 10 seconds and repeating the process for a total of 4 minutes. The objective is to get your heart racing. I can assure you it does that! I may just take my time working up to that particular exercise again.

I am still crossing my fingers for a good weight loss this week and there are some fantastic recipes on the new Weight Loss Linky that I can’t wait to try. The resources are there and determination is coming up the rear… Hooah!

Would love to know other views… do you have a personal trainer? Are you a personal trainer?

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Damson Lane February 8, 2013 - 11:33 pm

I trained with a friend who is a personal trainer after I had my son as my body was so shot to pieces she gave me confidence and once I felt like I wasn’t going to damage myself if I went out on my own I started running on my own. I think a personal trainer can help if you have a specific issue and you don’t have the knowledge to address it.

Sim February 9, 2013 - 2:44 pm

Thanks for your comment Kirsty! It’s perfect… goes to show not all PT’s are men (though most of the ones I know are!). If you are female and feeling a little self conscious, especially if you have just had a baby then it’s ‘nicer’ and makes you feel more relaxed to have a female PT. Almost like having a buddy on the journey with you and one that will not judge. As you state you now run on your own which is awesome – though again something I don’t have the time to do which is why the bike in front of my favourite recorded soaps kills two birds with one stone! 😛

steve November 26, 2016 - 5:32 am

I like how you mentioned your personal trainer has taught you a lot of different exercises. I think that is a huge benefit for me. The science behind muscle building and exercise is not something that I understand that well. I would love to be able to have someone explain it to me as we are exercising. It is hard to find time to go to the gym and even more difficult to find time to learn about the gym at home. The opportunity to learn as I go to the gym is a big selling point. Thank you for sharing.


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