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Sponsored Video: New Hair Colour From Schwarzkopf Ultra Brights

by S1m

My teenage years were spent with different coloured hair most weeks. The 8 wash, temporary colours were cheap to buy with pocket and babysitting money and washed out quickly in order to have a change of heart where the colour was concerned.

My hair in the present day has not been coloured for months and I am working with previous bleach blonde strands coming through my dark brown colour which add a lovely golden, highlighted look without actually having highlights!

I would love to go to a salon and have my hair coloured, but not only is price a factor, but the time off work and the time taken to sit down. With the length of my hair it took over 1 and half hours to apply highlights the last time it was coloured. Quite bum numbing!

Nowadays I tend to colour my hair at home, much more convenient, much quicker and much cheaper! I have used many different brands over the years in an attempt to find one that will fully colour my long locks – I am also on the look out for something completely different to give me a new look.

Ultra Brights is the new range from Schwarzkopf with a variety of super, bright and rich hair colours. The vibrant colours really do rock and add something different – you will definitely stand out in a crowd!

The pillar box red really stands out to me, a colour previously seen on Rihanna. It really suited her, though I think my pasty white complexion needs to see a little sun before I attempt such a vivid colour!

Schwarzkopf have released several instructional videos which show how easy it is to dip dye, highlight, layer and pastel colour your hair in the comfort of your own home. More details on the Schwarzkopf Facebook Page

I am not sure about the whole dip dye look on my own hair, though I will be looking into a new colour soon!

Please view the sponsored instructional videos here:


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