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Getting Ready For My 30’s – My New Beauty Regime

by S1m

Having recently jumped over the 30’s hurdle, I am finding myself looking into anti ageing skincare regimes. It is slightly depressing to tell you the truth, although I have found that the creams are slightly thicker and do give my skin a healthy glow.

Am I noticing a difference with regards to tightness and wrinkles? I think I will have to give my current regime a little longer before I report back – although I can categorically state that my skin is looking healthier. I do think my weight loss journey is a contributory factor though, due to the copious amount of water I drink on a daily basis. No alcohol or fizzy drinks is helping too!

My makeup tastes have also changed in the past few months. Gone are the days were I thought I looked cool by smearing bright eye-shadow on my eye lids and wearing orange glitter lipstick. Oh how I am thankful times have changed! Now my makeup bag consists of more luxurious (read expensive) items including much needed primers!

A staple selection of mascara, eyeliner and various lip glosses follow me in my handbag wherever I go, just in case I need a touch up during the day. I do always cart a comb and bottle of my favourite perfume with me too, which would clearly explain why it always feels like I am carrying a brick around!

I am a keen bargain hunter and feel that even though my age is going up, the price of my favourite skincare and beauty products do not need to rise too. I could not love online shopping anymore and with so many online beauty and skincare stores available offering vast ranges of products, it is quite easy to snap up a bargain. Not just any bargain, but skincare that actually works and proves you do not need to spend a fortune on looking good and keeping your skin in tip top condition. With that I am off to look for even more supplies!

Disclosure: This is a commissioned post, written by little old me – check out my disclosure for details.

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