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My Top Peeves… The Number One Spot Goes To…

by S1m

Picture yourself… it’s a Sunday evening, everyone that should be in bed and asleep are so, your feet are up and you are nursing a lovely cup of tea when the doorbell rings. You slowly trudge to the door, scramble for the outside light and realise it is someone trying to take money off you in the form of a charity worker.

One of my absolute pet peeves are canvassers or ‘door knockers’ as I like to name them. I understand that charities need to make themselves known and getting out there in the public domain is a great way to engage. Though surely even the charity bosses themselves would not appreciate being disturbed on a Sunday. If you are looking for a position, that does not require disturbing people who are trying to claim five minutes peace before the Monday morning rush have a look here at these charity job vacancies.

That has to rank in my Top 5 Peeves but what else rates highly…

Slow drivers… seriously, there are 7 days in every week, why choose midweek to drive at 20mph! Please refrain from doing so, especially when I am in the vicinity or at least keep it to a Sunday only, when travelling at well under the speed limit is barely acceptable.

Adverts… in general, it goes without saying, hence why my Sky box is the bees knees. For me it is the volume. Why on earth do adverts need to be 10 decibels more than the actual program you are watching?

People having conversations in the middle of shop aisles… I’m not stereotyping a certain age range here (*cough) but why do people insist on having a reunion in the middle of aisles? Their shopping trolleys and pull along bags akimbo whilst you are trying to rush around doing a million things at once? These people are one step away from pulling out deckchairs and having a cup of tea whilst they gossip about ‘Mavis’ at bingo!

The number 1 spot for Top Peeves has to be awarded to ‘Men’ just the general category, no naming names, no singling out, just all of you. Sorry guys but unfortunately I do not have all the time in the universe to figure you out! I certainly met some characters in 2012 and I really do not want a repeat of any of those encounters… ever again!

This is a commissioned post – please see my disclosure for further details.

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