Friendship: My Definitions Of All The Friends You Encounter

Italians… known for being ridiculously good looking.

Italian food… known for being ridiculously tasty and full of flavour. No doubt about it, the Italians (see my definition above) are very good cooks.

Italian footballers… known for their flair and flamboyance. Some of the best in the world.

Italian drivers… known for their flair and flamboyance. Some of the worst in the world.

Italy… known for their change in allegiance during WW2.

FriendshipIt’s true that in certain circumstances you really do find out who your friends are… you get to find out who is made out of true gold and who should have ‘Italy’ stamped on their forehead as a warning to others!

It’s quite easy to work out which blokes are utter knobs; there just seems to be a certain type which are easily recognisable and in much abundance unfortunately. Though ‘Italy’ friends are a little harder to spot until you get to know them.

Italy friends… known for their ability to suck you dry of your friendship and help, offer nothing in return and turn their back on you entirely. Alternatively known as ‘users’ (see below).

Users… known for only contacting you when they want something and never return the gesture. Have a knack of never knowing when to shut the fuck up. Need to be thrown out of a moving car door at the first opportunity, with the parting words ‘Argo Fuck Yourself!’

Friends… known to offer help, advice and are always on hand when needed. Not to be confused with the American sitcom.

Best Friend… known to cover your arse in all situations. Can generally be found skipping next to you carrying a baseball bat chanting ‘someone’s going to get it!’ Orders wine to be sent to you just for the hell of it!

I am sure we all have ‘friends’ who fit into all of the aforementioned categories, some are a little harder to fathom out than others. Though the people who fit easily into the ‘Best Friend’ category are very easy to spot as they are the ones who are with you through thick and thin, at all hours of the night, any time of the week, without question. Those friends are the salt of the earth and whom should be cherished dearly.

A post written for my amazing, beautiful and talented ‘Best Friend’; my rock, my agony aunt and my go to lady who is quite worryingly on the same wavelength as me! Love ya lots!x

Disclosure: All my own thoughts and opinions… these are not the literal dictionary definitions, though in some cases should be.


  1. Mama Syder says:

    Great post, I’ve had more than my fair share of bad Friends…I’m like a magnet for them, lol. Having said that I also have some pretty amazing Friends too x

    • Sim says:

      It’s the amazing friends you have to cherish dearly as they will always be around no matter what! Unfortunately the bad friends just linger around like a bad smell 🙁 x

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