Review: The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz Pop Up Book

To coincide with the recent launch of the new Oz film (in cinemas now starring the delectable James Franco), Carlton Books has released The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (a magical retelling by Stella Gurney) in an AMAZING pop up book for children.

What is normally a long book with lots of information, I found that Liv was able to digest the story and follow each character with the interactive pop up book. With stunning illustrations and vibrant colours I cannot help but gush about this book, I only wish I had had this book when I was a child! The story is easy to digest and just the perfect length for snuggling up on the sofa together with tea and biscuits.


I love the imagery in this book, with illustrations made up of photography and ‘interactive novelty elements’ it really does modernise the story and help bring the book to life. Pop up books always scare me slightly, Liv knows the drill but she can get ever so slightly excited and use more strength than necessary, yet she was in as much awe as I was!

Stella Gurney, the author has made following Dorothy and Toto into the Land of Oz a wonderful read for children – to the point they feel like they are also on the journey. Liv is a huge fan of the book and I have found myself reading it many times since we received a copy for the purpose of this review. As you can see from the images, it is colourful and engaging for both adults and children. On the inside front cover is a little bio of all the characters you will meet, which I thought was a great addition. The fact that children can familiarise themselves with each character as they embark on the journey to Oz, in search of the things they most long for, helps them engage more with the story.

This is definitely a book that all children should read, a timeless classic and the way in which Stella Gurney and Lorna Freytag the Illustrator have modernised it is fantastic.

Priced at £12.99, the hardback book from Carlton is available now and can be purchased directly from their website.


    • Sim says:

      It’s a great book – the interaction is great, the colours vibrant and it really all helps to engage your child. I love the story so was always going to be a huge fan anyway!xx

    • Sim says:

      The book is stunning! We have several of the Carlton Books range in our library now and the details and stories are always outstanding!

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