What To Do With The Clothes Your Children Outgrow

The Easter holidays are upon us and my schedule is booking up already! I have a couple of nights out, lunches out and trips out with friends planned, which will keep me busy.

spring cleanNot only that, but with a Liv free house for a few days it means I have ample opportunity to have a big spring clean. Toys and clothes are going to get an overhaul and I really do hope that the clear out will result in a lot more room. My top tip: when clearing out children’s toys make sure they are not in the vicinity. Tears are guaranteed and toys that are placed in black bags will normally be pulled out again!

The toys will be the easy part but sorting through the clothes will be another story. I am more sentimental about Liv’s clothes – the stunning dresses for special occasions, the super cute and vibrantly coloured jumpers. I find it very hard to give them away, I normally bundle clothes up for a friend’s daughter and it is always lovely to see her daughter wearing Liv’s clothes. For the amount of time children are actually in their clothes it makes sense to pass clothes on where possible in order to help out others (another top tip!).

I have bags and bags of Liv’s baby clothes up in our loft, I know I will have to go through them all at some point and be ‘sensible’ about what I keep for mementos to pass down when she is older, I just cannot bring myself to do it yet. It’s amazing to think Liv was ever that tiny! With these clothes for babies on offer nowadays it’s quite easy to see why children’s wardrobes put adults to shame!

I guess I had best get rolls of black bags ready for the big clearout and muster up some energy… alongside warning my friend to expect another surprise package of clothes!


  1. Mama Syder says:

    My kids go crazy when I get rid of their stuff, but you are right not to do it when they are around. They dont notice a thing missing if you do it on the quiet do they x

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