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Review: Orchard Toys Post Box Game

by S1m
Orchard Toys

We were very excited to receive a copy of the latest Orchard Toys games to add to our collection. The new Post Box Game did not disappoint and was to the high standard we have come to expect from the range.

The one thing that I love about the Orchard Toys range is the fact that the products last! Despite all the usage, the thick card pieces remain intact and pristine condition.

The Post Box Game is fun and the vibrant colours make it easy for younger children to complete the game as it should be played. Simply attach the two base pieces to the post boxes in order for them to be propped up and then children can start posting the coordinating coloured letters through the correct post boxes. Perfect for pre-school aged children, Liv being the clever clogs she is was able to easily complete the game. Though at the age of 4 years I would have fully expected her to be able to coordinate the colours.

The game can be played by one child or up to 4 to make it more fun and into a Snap style game. The chunky pieces make them so much easier for little hands and fingers to pick up.

Educational benefits are another great aspect to Orchard Toys products and especially for younger children, the hand and eye co-ordination and recognition skills learned from this game will stand them in good stead for starting school.

If you have yet to purchase a game from the range then the Post Box Game is a fantastic starting point and you will certainly not be disappointed. The noises and shrieks of enjoyment you hear from your children whilst they play with Orchard Toys is absolutely lovely . Liv is at the age now where I know I can leave her to her own devices whilst playing and she was more than happy to set the Post Box Game up herself.

Another classic from our collection – The Post Box Game can be purchased directly from the Orchard Toys site at the price of £9.50.

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Lynda@OrchardToys April 8, 2013 - 1:54 pm

Great review, Simone, many thanks. Liv is obviously a bright young spark and picked up the game mechanics quickly. So glad she likes it!


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