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Spend A Little, Save A Little – Money Saving Tips

by S1m

This is a featured post, please see my disclosure for details.

If you are a regular reader of Sim’s Life you will know how much I love to save money where possible, whether it be with my weekly online grocery shop or just on general items I have in mind to purchase. There are many ways in which to be saver savvy, including selling items online to raise funds, online discount hunting and more. Though one thing I have not previously touched upon are credit cards that offer you loyalty points when you purchase using the particular card.

Now I am no financial advisor, but when something has a freebie or incentive attached to it, it certainly has my attention! If this is something that floats your boat and you are possibly at the point where you wish to compare credit cards then besides the interest rate, have a look at the extras that are thrown in as well!

I have previously used comparison sites to work out which is the best option for me and myself had a card that afforded me points when I spent money on the card. It may just have allowed me to save up enough loyalty points so that I could convert the points from my reward credit card to use at Christmas time. I saved a fortune that year, in a roundabout way!

Christmas is always a really expensive time of year in my household, not only for the day itself alongside presents, food, decorations and everything inbetween; also for the fact that my Father’s birthday is on Christmas Eve and my daughter’s 5 days after Christmas Day. One would say it is rather inconvenient and a definite reason why I try to accrue as many loyalty and bonus points where I can throughout the year, to lessen the burden over what is an extremely long month.

It’s crazy to think that Christmas 2013 is in 9 months, seriously, where on Earth is the time going?! I cannot believe we are already in April! Maybe it is due to the fact that we have had a ridiculously long Winter and Summer still seems so far away. Although the Easter weekend (over far too quickly for my liking) has brought some wonderful weather. Still too early to be thinking of shorts and t-shirts and pretty summer dresses just yet though. I think my bank manager can let off a big sigh of relief that I do not need to add to my wardrobe just yet and it gives me plenty of time to hunt for bargains online, such as this ‘very me’ zebra print stud clutch!


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