Being A Blogger And A Hoarder Makes Spring Cleaning Toys Hard!

My house, I can finally reclaim my house! Yes, my parents have gone back to their home and Liv and I can breathe a sigh of relief and chill with our feet on the coffee table again! My mum, bless her she is formidable, yet a little excitable – no matter how many times I try to explain what my work as a blogger entails, it appears to go in one ear and right back out of the other again!

We visited family over the weekend and yet again I found myself explaining what I do, from the beginning… again due to my mum making it sound as if I do not do anything bar open my door to the postman!

Mention SEO to her and no doubt she would assume it was a new anti-wrinkle cream! Sigh.

Admittedly Liv and I are very fortunate and I now do have a fridge full of the latest shades of nail varnish to pamper myself with. Liv on the other hand is spoilt – whether it be through reviews or simply seeing something that I know she will love whilst out and about. There is no doubt her bedroom would rival any toy store and simply the thought of clearing out old toys is enough to give me nightmares.

There really is no great time to clear out – children always sense something maybe wrong when they see you with numerous bin bags and suddenly they seem to play with every single toy they own! Luckily Liv is so swamped she does not realise that I go in her room and take out a few toys she no longer plays with when she is not here. Liv is less sentimental than I am though and sometimes I do find it hard to ‘get rid’ of things she no longer uses. Maybe it’s the hoarder in me! When I was Liv’s age I would absolutely cherish packs of stickers and never use them… give a pack to Liv and she is straight in there sticking them on anything that moves as well as things that don’t! The dog has been stickered up on more than one occasion!

As you can imagine Liv loves Barbie dolls and has many to choose from, along with all the coordinating outfits. Having her birthday so close to Christmas means we are always overloaded with the dolls within a short space of time.

71pmcEn-dDL._AA1500_ Liv was a very lucky girl at Christmas time and received many wonderful toys from Father Christmas – one of my absolute favourites was the John Crane Tidlo Cat and Mouse Music Box which I purchased from – a ‘weeble’ mouse and cat that sit on top of a brightly coloured music box and twist and turn in time with the music  with the use of a wind up mechanism. Ok so it may not talk and it may not be the most exciting toy in her room, however it is such a wonderful keepsake, it will never be in the ‘too old for this’ pile! Wooden toys are absolute classics and certainly last a lot longer than plastic toys.

With the latest tidy up complete, it gives me an opportunity to prepare myself before the next spring clean of toys begins!


  1. Alexandra says:

    I was the same with stickers! I would safe them for a “better moment” instead of just enjoying…Ah, lucky Liv! 🙂
    Wooden toys are the best, I agree! Its a shame they are so rare these days…

    • Sim says:

      LOL!! I know, I am still the same now with pens and notebooks… I would rather keep them and never use them than have them run out. Defeats the whole object of having them! Wooden toys are awesome, they last whereas I have had to throw so many plastic based toys out due to them breaking. I don’t mind spending a little extra on them if Liv looks after them 🙂 x

      • Alexandra says:

        Oh yeah, I forgot about the notebooks…I would buy the cutest ones or the most beautiful ones and then felt that what I wanted to write in them wasn’t THAT important 😉 I have similar thing with shoes, too. But recently my better half told me: “shoes are for wearing, arent they? Who cares if they dont look as good as new after you wear them, you didnt buy them to stare at them right?”…And he is so right!

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