Why Does Gift Buying Get Harder The Older You Get?

No-one ever warned me about the deluge of party invites Liv would receive when she started at nursery school. Luckily due to Liv’s age the majority of parties are based at soft play centres so it is guaranteed Liv will always have a good night’s sleep afterwards. The invites are like buses though, when one arrives they all arrive in very quick succession. We had two parties on the same afternoon a couple of months ago… a logistical nightmare. Though one thing I do have sorted are the presents.

With money being tight and not wanting to look like a skinflint it really is hard to get a balance of ‘just the right gift’ – I am lucky though as we have a wonderful shop just down the road which sells branded toys much cheaper than the national toy chains. Bingo!

PresentsToys are sorted, though gifts for adults are not. What do you get for the person who has everything? It can be hard to buy my parents presents for Christmas and birthdays… they never seem to want anything, though for me it is that thought that counts, to let them know Liv and I were thinking of them when we saw the gift. Dad is quite happy with gardening inspired gifts, books, DVD’s, tools and the like. My Mum unfortunately is a little harder, she has quite clearly stated before that she does not like skincare sets. That leaves me with cookery books and scarves… she is a very hard lady to please, just ask anyone that knows her!

The internet is full of sites fantastic present ideas, including the Heaven Sends Collection at Gifts From Handpicked. The site is awesome and easily laid out to help you navigate for a specific recipient or a specific occasion.

With my best buddy’s wedding day coming up, I really want to give a gift her and her wonderful hubby to be will cherish forever.  My friend is very much like me and loves anything from notebooks to photo albums to cute decorations, so I have no doubt she will love whatever I finally decide upon. The choice is endless though and I am really stumped, normally in situations like this I will plump for something that I myself would like to receive.

There is no denying that present buying does get an awful lot harder as we get older. I put it down to the case that anything we need, we tend to buy for ourselves when we need it anyway. Gone are the days when I could wait 11 months to receive the latest Wayne’s World movie on VHS! I do feel sorry for Liv and my Dad though, with birthday’s so close to Christmas it can be awful having to wait all year to enjoy your special day and then have it combined with Christmas! It could have been worse though as Liv was actually due on Christmas Day! Admittedly she is spoilt throughout the rest of the year so does not mind too much, so long as it is colourful and loud. For the moment gift shopping for Liv is easy but I am sure it will get harder the older she gets – especially if she inherits my mother’s stubborn gene!

Disclosure: This is a featured post (please see my disclosure for further details) – all thoughts and ramblings are my own. The gift dilemmas I have are true… and yes my Mum is that stubborn!


  1. Alexandra says:

    I know what you mean, my mum is impossible to buy presents for, too. She either has everything and not having something because she just doesn’t wish to have it! 😉
    I have made a list with gift ideas as a inspiration (you can check here: (http://goo.gl/R0ttH) and I think I am gonna go with the bracelet thingy! Keeping my fingers crossed that you find sth good for your mum as well! 🙂

    • Sim says:

      What is it with mother’s I tell you! They always say not to buy them anything… I can only imagine my mum would be a little upset if I forgot her… she could make it easier for me though!xx

      • Alexandra says:

        Exactly, that’s the problem with them – they’d be saying “oh I dont want anything” but then acting all offended that you took this advice and did not buy them a gift! 🙂

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