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Fashion: Why Luxury Looks For Children Are On The Up

by S1m

Why luxury looks for children are on the up

With a global economic recession still hurting retailers everywhere, top end kids’ fashion is defying the trend. New labels are being announced all the time, with everyone from Gucci to Lady Gaga hungry for their slice of what is estimated will be a $156.8 billion industry by 2015. So what are the main factors driving up popularity for luxury kids looks?


No parent likes spending money on a nice item of clothing for their child, only to have them splatter it with chocolate ice cream 5 minutes later. So are children cleaner than they used to be? No. But more and more parents recognise the value in quality materials that really last. Cheap disposable products are increasingly being substituted for timeless materials like children’s cashmere, that offers warmth, comfort and style.

Celebrities (and their celebrity kids)

Celebrity fashion is inescapable, and a key driving force behind the recent trend in kids’ luxury. Lifestyle magazines focus more and more on family life, and the street shot of famous faces with their increasingly famous kids creates a style guide for many fashion conscious parents. Perhaps even more influential is the frequency with which celebrities are leveraging their power to set up their own children’s fashion labels like Lady Gaga’s ‘Gaga Goo Goo’ range. When you add in the fact that celebrity kids like Suri Cruise and Romeo Beckham have become fashion icons in their own right, it’s easy to see why things like girls cashmere clothes are so popular.

The ultimate ‘growth’ sector

Children’s clothes have always offered a unique business opportunity, since the little kids outgrow outfits so fast. With parents on a near constant cycle of wardrobe replenishment there are more transactions and more opportunities for luxury brands to speak to customers.

Designers and big fashion labels

Big name designers like Versace and Burberry have been aggressively expanding their children’s ranges recently, seeing massive potential in the junior fashionista. The prices can be eye-watering, but even parents who don’t want to spend $226 on a romper suit will get inspiration for their next fashionable purchase and be more likely to choose luxury.


The rise of the bloggers means that ideas and images are being shared and publicised at a staggering rate. Niche sites are appearing all the time, offering inspirational updates to mums and dads on a daily basis. From boys cashmere clothing  to funky leather jackets, loafers and girls’ evening dresses, the access to ideas and products is growing all the time.

Global brands

The internet has also allowed many children’s luxury brands to find new audiences in emerging economies like China and India. If you have a great luxury kid’s product, there’s nothing to stop you taking over the world.

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Alexandra May 8, 2013 - 9:41 pm

I agree with everything you have said but that still does not make me wanna go to the nearest high-end shop and spend zillion pounds on something that my little ones will outgrow in a no time…But if I had resources that last more than from the beginning of the month till the end I would think about it again…:)

Sim May 15, 2013 - 9:22 am

The most expensive clothes I bought for Liv I have kept… just in case… but also to give to her. She has never had a celeb wardrobe, when they are babies and spare cash is spent on coffee! Ha ha 🙂 x


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