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Lifestyle: Putting Plans In Place For Decorating

by S1m

Disclosure: This is a featured post. All thoughts, opinions and not so creative ideas are mine and I will be bringing you pictures of our progress!

The time has finally arrived for Liv and I to start putting our own stamp on our house. This is a task and a half as every inch of the house needs to be re-decorated. Choosing the first room to change first is hard as I have so many fantastic ideas. In reality I should start a scrapbook that I can use to sketch and stick pictures of items I like the look of.

I have a whole heap of home and lifestyle magazines that I really should flip through, it will certainly give me more concrete inspiration. Having to do this on a budget is hard, but the internet is such a great resource. It means I can purchase items from all over and have it sent directly to my home.

Having a feature wall in my lounge is something I have thought about for a while and in my mind I know what wallpaper I would love to use, I just need to find it. It would be great if I could design my own wallpaper, I would certainly have exactly what I wanted in that case. If I could actually draw a straight line in may just work!

New blinds are something I have been looking into recently and found myself on Web Blinds, the question is do I want blinds that are decorative or provide a little privacy. No matter what I decide upon I know I will definitely need help installing the blinds. I am already working on it… it’s quite handy getting to know people in the trade.

It occurred to me this week that I already know a plumber who will offer family rates… a hotel bathroom is achievable in that case. The bathroom on our recent stay at the Cavendish Hotel was stunning with lots of space – it even had a round, funky, stand alone wash basin which is something I would love.

As you can see I have some grand plans, but know it will take time and money. Liv is just as excited as I am, though I know if I had to leave the decorating up to her our house would soon resemble a Nickelodeon nightmare!

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Heather May 20, 2013 - 2:57 pm

I love those stand alone wash basins! I can imagine what our house would look like if I let my daughter have any say in the design. Good luck with letting Liv help! ha ha ha

Jenny @ The Brick Castle May 20, 2013 - 11:10 pm

Gordon Bennett – you’ve put an absolute nightmare scenario into my head. I dread to think of what my girls would do if they got the chance to choose the decoration!


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