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Goodwood Festival Of Speed… For All Car Enthusiasts!

by S1m

Disclosure: This is a featured post. All thoughts and crazy mishaps are my own. Yes, my friend did recommend a Skoda Yeti… I have not spoken to him since :OP

It’s pretty obvious that I like cars, I always have, but I have a penchant for fast cars. Which makes it quite apt that I am looking into attending the Goodwood Festival of Speed this year. An awesome weekend jam packed with cars ranging from vintage classics (I may squeal if I see a Morgan!) to modern. Liv has previously mentioned ‘boys like cars and girls like Chelsea’ – she has been taught well, but it would be a lovely opportunity to help her appreciate the beauty (and speed) of some of the world’s greatest cars.

It also happens that one of my best buddies will be working on a stand at the event so we will be looked after. I have been informed that ‘it gets serious on the hill’ on the Sunday which will be fabulous to watch! 🙂

It has made me think about my own car and the future. Upon asking my aforementioned friend who works for a well known car manufacturer which car he would currently recommend I was shocked upon his suggestion… a Skoda Yeti! Totally unexpected and not a car I had previously considered.

I have decided to stick with my own car until he can suggest something with more horse power! In all fairness my car has been fantastic over the years and currently it could really only benefit from a change of tyres. Mainly due to all the potholes that appear to be popping up (or down!) on a daily basis. The island of St. Lucia has better roads than my home town!

The only major incident with my car was the need for a replacement windscreen last year. The process was much easier than expected in all honesty, though I did feel sorry for the gentleman changing the windscreen as it was raining at the time! With companies such as Shatterscreen offering a reliable service in windscreen replacements, it’s great to know that they will take the hassle away and arrange everything for you at a convenient time.

I am currently looking at my car and thinking I should give it a little more TLC, as it has been a great car… it could do with a wash really… maybe I will just let the rain sort that out!


Goodwood Festival Of Speed… For All Car Enthusiasts! | Bury Family Life May 22, 2013 - 4:23 pm

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Alexandra May 23, 2013 - 8:48 am

Hahaha when I had a car I usually waited until rain sorted out the washing issue! 🙂
Skoda Yeti…hm…not a big fan either! I have always dreamt about something like http://paultan.org/media2.paultan.org/i/x1.jpg or Mini Morris (obviously!).
Haha so Liv is as big Chelsea fan as you? I am not really into football, but I am really into Fernando Torres so hell yeah, go Chelsea! 🙂


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