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How Can It Be So Hard To Go On Holiday!

by S1m

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Our hunt for the ideal holiday for a single parent is very real… hopefully the lottery fairy will grant our wish of going somewhere hot!

Now that the sun has finally decided to make an appearance, it has got me thinking about the summer and where Liv and I could possibly go for a relaxing holiday in the sun.

A relaxing holiday for me is where I do not even have to lift a finger to order a drink, just a slight incline of my head should inform the bartender I am ready for another ice cold beverage. Also the added bonus of not having to clean, hoover or tidy sounds blissful, though unfortunately not a reality for Liv and I.

We are very lucky in the fact we can jump on a plane and visit my parents in the South of France… but it is not a holiday destination! I do not expected to be told to tidy my room and wash the pots on my only jaunt of the year… no matter what the weather is like outside!

Looking for the perfect holiday destination when you are a single parent is hard!!!  Where we finally decide to go definitely has to be family friendly and have entertainment for Liv… as well as good food and drink!

I’ve had a go at searching for a holiday with Icelolly and my cursor kept moving towards the Disney holiday option. I would love to go back to Disney and for a single parent family Disney is certainly the perfect destination. I think it ticks every single box entertainment wise and the chance to meet Mickey Mouse and his friends would put a huge smile on our faces.

There are some fabulous holiday bargains to be had at the moment and I do wish that I could simply go ahead and book a lovely treat but unfortunately cannot. With Liv starting primary school in September, going on holiday will be even harder as we will only be able to get away in the actual school holidays… we have all be sent a letter about it from the local council. There will be fines galore if we attempt to go on holiday during term time… best get playing the lottery then!

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