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Our Short Story: Princess Olivia’s Big Adventure

by S1m

In the castle lives Queen Mummy, Princess Olivia and their faithful pal Honey Monster. Princess Olivia is a beautiful, blonde, blue eyed little girl who likes to take Honey Monster on many adventures. Whether it be in the castle, or out in the surrounding fields… they always seem to get up to mischief!

One day, Princess Olivia awoke from a lovely night’s sleep and decided she would go hunting for wriggly worms. She dressed and had a yummy breakfast that Queen Mummy had prepared for her and set about finding her wellington boots and spade ready for digging. Honey Monster sensed there was an adventure afoot and happily tagged along whilst Princess Olivia packed her adventure bag full of everything they would need.

Once ready, Princess Olivia and Honey Monster traipsed outside looking for green grass in which to start digging. When Princess Olivia was happy she exclaimed, “Right Honey Monster, this is the place, let’s start digging!” Knowing full well that Honey Monster liked digging mud more than anything else, they set to finding worms.

The first few digs provided nothing and with faces covered in mud, Princess Olivia and Honey Monster stopped for a rest and to snack on the ham sandwiches and doggie treats that Queen Mummy had packed for them. With the sun shining down, they realised how hard it was to find worms, especially since worms prefer wet weather. With that in mind, Princess Olivia decided to pour some drink on the ground and start clapping at the ground to make the worms believe it was raining.

The plan worked and soon enough the furious digging resulted in handfuls of wriggly worms, “Just like spaghetti!” Olivia cried with joy, as Honey Monster sat quietly waiting beside her. With lots to tell Queen Mummy, Princess Olivia tried her best to smooth over all the holes that she and Honey Monster had created on their expedition. Knowing Queen Mummy would not appreciate all the holes in her garden, Princess Olivia decided she would give her Mummy a great big hug and then curl up in her lap and tell her all about her wriggly adventure.

Before Princess Olivia knew it, she was fast asleep on Queen Mummy’s lap, after excitedly telling her about their plan to get the worms to come to the surface. Queen Mummy decided it was time for Princess Olivia to go to bed and carefully carried her up the very grand, royal staircase and tucked her in her very comfy bed. The next day would bring yet another adventure for Princess Olivia and Honey Monster, but until then, they both slept soundly after a very busy day.


This post has been written in conjunction with wooden bed makers Warren Evans for National Share a Story Month

* This is my own story and is copyrighted to Sim’s Life.

Our Short Story: Princess Olivia’s Big Adventure by Sim’s Life is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at http://wp.me/p2loGX-U7

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Our Short Story: Princess Olivia’s Big Adventure | Bury Family Life June 11, 2013 - 12:40 pm

[…] Our Short Story: Princess Olivia’s Big Adventure […]

Alexandra June 12, 2013 - 8:04 am

Adorable 🙂


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