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How To Look Good And Feel Good On The Beach

by S1m

Disclosure: This is a written guest post – if you are going to be parading on a beach this summer (lucky things!) why not take a look at some fab fashion advice…

How to look good and feel good on the beach

Stripping down to your swimwear to grab yourself a tan is one of the pleasures of a great summer holiday. For some of us though it can leave us more than a little daunted at the prospect. There are so many options in the swimwear aisle these days though that no-one need miss out on their tan by covering up under voluminous layers. Today’s swimwear is figure friendly and offers the flexibility to make the most of your best bits while hiding the bits you’re not so keen on.

The classic one piece. While we’re calling it the classic one-piece, even the humble swimsuit has many faces these days. Choose from a myriad of styles to disguise the bits that jiggle and show off the bits of you that you’re happy with. Many swimming costumes now feature tummy control panels to tame that little bulge we’d rather wasn’t there. With the help of your trustee swimming costume there is certainly less need to suck it in quite so drastically when approaching the pool!

Swimdresses are now also a popular choice.These are a one-piece with a flirty little skirt around the hips. They ooze femininity but also, even better, they help create a flattering hourglass shape and gently hide an ever so slightly wobbly bottom and hips.

Don’t forget that if you want to make the most of a great bust then look for a swimming costume with supportive or shaped cups to give your assets some oomph. Nobody will be looking at your bottom with a great cleavage on show!

Itsy bitsy bikinis are off the agenda! Most of us real women are fed up of seeing images of body perfect models sporting the latest string bikini. A two piece like that is wonderful if you have supreme body confidence but not many of us are blessed with that. These days though fashion designers have thrown us a life line in the form of tankinis. These are a two piece that is cut oh so much more modestly with a vest style top. When you’re topping up your tan they offer the flexibility of any other bikini – roll up the top if you dare to bare your tum to the sun’s rays or even swap for a skimpier top on the days when confidence is high. Tankinis too offer control panel tops and moulded cups so choose according to your body concerns.

Classy cover ups. Even with the wonderful world of flattering swim wear on offer these days you might still have something you’d like to keep under wraps until you’re sunbathing in the privacy of your own balcony. The good news is that there is no need to suffer in silence with a fluffy towel wrapped around you. Beach wear now incorporates gorgeous cover ups to keep you cool, comfortable and chic at the beach. The classic kaftan is a brilliant choice for any who is keen to keep their top half under wraps, or of course trying to fend of the dreaded sunburn. They’re available in styles from simple to glitz and glamour that is perfect for Monaco and beyond. A classic linen blouse is also an effortlessly chic choice.

The ever popular maxi dress is another great option to slip on over your swim wear. Roll down the straps for tanned shoulders or roll up at the leg for browning those pins. You’ll also find available fine cotton beach skirts and dresses that will comfortably take you from beach to café with no trouble at all. You’ll feel chic and elegant without feeling like you’re hiding your body away under too much clothing.

The sarong has long been a popular choice and is a great versatile cover up ideal if you’re planning to catch a tan. You can switch the way you wear your sarong to cover and uncover the bits you like.

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