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Mothers And Online Dating Should Never Mix!!

by S1m

My mum and my love life certainly do not mix and when the two are combined should come with a health warning!

This morning my mum sent me a link to someone she considered a really decent guy. ‘he has to be funny… he likes Peter Kay’… yeah AND?! I like Chelsea but it doesn’t mean I play in the first team!

Things have certainly changed since my mum dated… many moons ago! For starters we now have the ease of finding someone via online dating… or so you would think. Apparently everyone has a degree, though you have to question that when there are glaring mistakes in their headlines… first impressions count!

Needless to say, this poor chap was not my type in any way shape or form. Maybe I am too fussy for my own good, but in all honesty why should I settle for second best? I have an ideal and if that is not lived up to then said person does not even feature on my radar… we all have a radar, don’t even try and deny it!

At my mum’s insistence this morning, she persuaded me to join a paid dating site… I begrudge having to pay to find a man and would much prefer to spend it on a night out with friends. However, there I was at the end of a very long, 15 minute eHarmony sign up which warrants you to question every part of you and psycho-analyse you… to be met with the hideous payment options. FARK ME!!! The cheapest option would still equate to over £100! So, thanks eHarmony… that is 15 minutes of my life I shall never get back!

Looks like I am back to square one again… it’s a lovely place actually, I’ve kitted it out well during the times I have been there… there is wine and plenty of it… what more could a lady ask for?!

So… one friend reckons I should lower my standards, another stays I should stand firm… what would you do?

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Jenny @ The Brick Castle June 14, 2013 - 4:42 pm

Lower your standards and have a bit of fun, enjoy yourself and don’t expect to meet Mr Forever. If he turns up it’s a bonus x

Don’t overdo it though…*shudder*

Mothers And Online Dating Should Never Mix!! | Bury Family Life June 15, 2013 - 12:39 am

[…] Mothers And Online Dating Should Never Mix!! […]


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