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Batteries Not Included!

by S1m

The one thing I have lots of in my house… batteries.

The one thing I cannot find in my house when I need it… batteries!

We have a house full of devices and questionable goods that require batteries, as soon as the power starts to slide I start to sweat and worry about the last place I spotted a pack of batteries. It’s all well and good attempting to keep them in the same place so that I know where they are but I tend to forget to keep them in the same place… Whoops!

A recent haul of rechargeable batteries has helped as the charger remains in the wall, in exactly the same spot it should be. Whenever I need fully charged batteries, there they are. Sorted!

Unfortunately the only thing batteries do not do is fix broken curtain poles… When putting Liv to bed tonight I stood looking at her curtain pole thinking something did not look right… the chunks of plaster and wall plugs hanging out may have has something to do with it! My nearest heavy duty item to hand was a torch, which came in handy for whacking the screws back in for a quick job.

Not exactly the best day to choose to give up smoking, especially when it now looks as if I have to start wielding my electric drill. A job that definitely was not on my DIY home improvement project list. Oh well, I guess this is the point that everything is going to start falling apart… at least I recently purchased a new tube of Polyfilla which is super handy!

With no cigs left I have had to resort to a very nice, chilled bottle of Hopping Hare ale, which incidentally was for my Steak and Ale pie I was going to cook in my slow cooker this week. Looks like I may have to take another trip to the supermarket to stock up on more ale… a perfect excuse 🙂

Disclosure: I was sent some rechargeable batteries and charger for the purpose of this post.

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