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My Home Improvement List Grows Longer Every Day!

by S1m

My DIY Home Improvement list seems to be growing on a daily basis. I am always finding more things to do around the house and I have no idea where to start!

Wallpapering: So not my thing but I am ever so glad my parents are coming over shortly to help me out with this! Next Retail very kindly donated the stunning wallpaper for my lounge and I am beside myself as I want it to be up already!

Carpets: The carpets have been a thorn in my side for a long time, especially having a dog and a child who likes to knock things over! It would be nicer to get better quality carpets, yet on the other hand I really do wonder if there is any point at the moment.

Curtains: Seriously after yesterday and now Liv’s curtain pole needing resetting again I wonder if it would be easier to use newspaper at the windows! In fact I am pretty sure it would have been easier to hire a solicitor and move house!

Sofa: I am still undecided at the moment as to what to do about the very large corner sofa in my lounge. It is on its last legs and is in serious need of replacing, however the sofas that I do like are actual large 2 seater sofas as opposed to a corner sofa. They are so comfy though yet for the money I could probably arrange an all star 2 week break in Barbados for the cost! Which makes me think I should keep the corner sofa for the mean time… and sulk… lots!

Bathroom: Surely everyone’s ideal is a hotel bathroom… chic, tiled, easy to clean and maintain and proper lights in order to apply make up. A very large job and as yet I do not have a tiler in my phonebook… there is time though!

Looking over this list, this is only the start of things to do. All it makes me want to do is put my feet up, make a cup of tea and maybe have a dabble on the best bingo site in the UK. Certainly more relaxing than actually doing something about my list!

Disclosure: This is a featured post – my list however is all mine and then some… I seriously need to find a very hot handy man who can help me!

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Heather June 21, 2013 - 5:28 pm

When this hot handy man has finished could you send him round to change my light fittings? i’m too scared to do it myself.

Sim July 1, 2013 - 11:55 am

Ha! Like hell! Hands off lovely! Any hot handy man that enters my house certainly won’t be walking out… 😛


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