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Working On Windows 8

by S1m

Well I am finally back in the hood, after a ridiculously  long, hectic week!

Requiring a new laptop was certainly not in my plan for this week. As I stumbled out of my front door to start the hunt for a new laptop my online grocery shop arrived… fantastic timing and made me realise yet again that I really do need to start writing things down so that I remember.

That coupled in with one cousin visiting me during the day and another staying over later that night has meant a hell of a lot of tidying this week. Lovely friends came over yesterday so any previous tidying was soon forgotten. Tonight, well tonight I am planning on sitting on my sweet ass and catching up on everything I have missed whilst I have been incommunicado this week!

I am now working with Windows 8, something I seriously need to get used to. Where did all the App type icons come from and where is the damned Start button… seriously! I had to phone my mate up to ask to use her calculator as I could not find it on my laptop! However, I am totally in awe over the fact my laptop is also touch screen. A freakin’ awesome feature which will no doubt confuse the hell out of my in the future when I attempt to use a normal laptop and wonder why the screen isn’t reacting how I expected!

Well it appears that Mini Me is in her room, not necessarily asleep but certainly quiet, so that can only mean one thing… Feet up time, catch up with Neighbours and Emmerdale (my guilty secrets!) and relax with a lovely glass of very chilled wine. I may even have a conversation later with the ‘man of the moment’ if he is lucky! ;oP Though the thought of going AWOL and trying to organise an outfit for the impending Blog On event sounds ideal… any suggestions welcome!


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Heather June 21, 2013 - 5:26 pm

oh wow you got a touch screen laptop with windows 8? when i can come and play. And see you and Liv, of course. Ahem.

Sim July 1, 2013 - 11:56 am

Erm… no!


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