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Continuing The Weight Loss Journey With Trek Protein Flapjacks

by S1m

The Weight Watchers Diet is still going on strong and I am still hanging on in there. Though it has been hard recently as it has been very easy to pick up a glass of wine or two with my buddy Heather. The weather has been too lovely not to indulge in a cold beverage or two with friends of an evening. Eating out has not been fantastic for the weight loss, however I have been continuing with my exercise regime and have been walking an awful lot more – it has been lovely taking the dogs on long walks in the mornings before working. It certainly clears your mind ready to start the day afresh – along with making me feel fantastic for getting in exercise early on in the day.

I am still attempting to keep snacking down to a minimum and if I feel the need try to plump for low calorie treats that are filling. Thus tricking my mind into thinking it has had enough. Recently I was sent a rather large box of Trek Original Oat Flapjack Protein Bars.

I was in my element considering how much I love sticky, gooey flapjacks. The Trek Flapjacks are handmade with protein crunchies, which definitely give your mouth a good workout! From a health point of view, the bars are wheat, dairy and gluten free and are perfect for those on a vegan diet. More crumbly and less gooey than I prefer, I have come to realise there are some treats I can no longer indulge in – with a thick consistency, the bars offer an explosion of oats in every bite without any guilt.

A 50g bar contains 218 calories which is slightly more than my usual treats, however if I am feeling a lull in the day and I know I still have to jump on my bike, the bars provide me with a little burst beforehand.

The Trek bars definitely quench my thirst for flapjacks and are certainly filling. They are very yummy when watered down with a sugary, milky cup of tea too! The bars can be purchased in bulk packs of 16 and come in a range of flavours to suit any appetite, such as Morning Berry and Banana Bread. I like the sound of the Oat Raisin and may give these a go too! 🙂


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