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How Time Has Flown… Celebrating My Third Blogiversary!

by S1m

I had a slightly manic week that was a hell of a lot more expensive than I imagined when I woke up on Monday morning! It resulted in a brand new spanking Windows 8 laptop that I am still getting to grips with. The whole touch screen aspect is still confusing me and I am sure reverting to a non touch screen laptop will confuse me even more, especially when nothing happens!

Luckily I lost very little information on my old laptop thankfully. It would have made filling in my self assessment even more of a ball ache. Actually being prepared and organised for once, I had already worked out everything relating to the last tax year. Thankfully I don’t have to deal with VAT and business banking as I hate doing it and it is fairly clear that I confuse easily.

This week yet again proved to me the importance of backing up data and images. Luckily I only used my super duper Seagate Backup Plus drive recently and saved everything of great importance. Such as all my images (always backed up on my phone anyway) and documents that may come in handy in the future.

I suppose the greatest advantage of my job is that everything is available online whenever or wherever I need it. In fact, let’s be honest my entire present and 1 week shy of 3 years of my past is online on my blog. That’s right folks, next week my blog celebrates it’s 3rd birthday – how time has flown and how things have changed! All for the better though, which was proved last night at an amazing BBQ evening hosted by the wonderful The Brick Castle. A fantastic spread was put on and all I nibbled on was one Dorito crisp and drank water, cheap date for the night hey! A couple of local blogger friends also descended upon Jenny’s house so it was nice to have a good catch up – would you believe we do have other things to talk about besides blogging?! Nah, I wouldn’t believe that either 🙂

Disclosure: This is a featured post and yes all I did drink was water!!

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