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Who Needs The Yellow Pages Anymore To Find A Telephone Number!

by S1m

There are things I like… my family and friends, the sun, good looking men, alcohol… just a couple of things off the top of my head!

Then, there are things I really do not like… automated phone calls, Sunday drivers, men in general, waiting (I am extremely impatient) and weirdly enough having to explain what I do for both my day job and blogging related work… again, just a very small selection from a very large list!

Friday night comes and there I find myself sat with someone who does not know me, having to explain what I do. It’s easier to explain blogging, I simply write about my life and what we get up to – I write as I speak, sometimes people understand it and sometimes they don’t.

Though having to describe my day job is a little harder, even I find it hard to comprehend myself some days. It is Sales… but without the selling. Confused? I am right there with you! My job involves a lot of research, so I could be tasked with finding out certain names, job titles, email addresses and other information. The Internet is a fount of all knowledge, there is nothing that cannot be found with a little manipulation, time and patience. I also do find that sites listing telephone numbers for companies that are hard to find make my job a whole lot easier! Tesco for example are a nightmare, lots of telephone numbers and very good gatekeepers.

Finding direct company telephone numbers is so much easier than you would expect, it bypasses the headache of having to explain the nature of your call a million times over as you are passed from pillar to post. Cutting out the options also makes my job a whole lot easier as I can sometimes be on calls for up to 5 minutes before I actually speak to a real human being! Weirdly enough, talking about a long hold limit has reminded me I need to send my LoveFilm DVD’s back… another nightmare company to get hold of!

The next day I could be setting up a new CRM system for us to work on, the same day I could also be tasked with making appointments for a totally different client. The ‘stalking’ or research based side of it is really quite interesting and I like to think I am good at what I do now. It certainly makes it easier to find out about bona fide stalkers before actually meeting them! I would recommend a Google search before going on any first date, albeit maybe have a little discretion and NOT tell the person you ‘Googled them in the name of research’ it may just slightly freak them out!

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