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The Day I Galloped Into Barburrito…

by S1m


I kid thee not…

To any normal, sane human being I may have looked a little crazy. Though to the three ladies who today walked into one of the Manchester based Barburrito outlets, it looked positively normal. The only thing that could have made it better is if Heather had hummed the Black Beauty theme tune. Disappointingly she didn’t. It is also a very looooooooong story 😛

So, why was I there alongside NoteFromLapland and TiredMummyofTwo? For a burrito making master class of course!

Now, I love Mexican food, so this really was a dream come true for me. Have I ever actually had a burrito… no! I classify mojitos and enchiladas as my staple. So if anything I was a total burrito virgin… on a quest to find the holy grail of rice, beans, meat and sauce fillings!

Whilst sat around a table with awesome high bar stools in the very airy and roomy eaterie, we were treated to separate dishes of all the fillings available that could make up your burrito – we used nachos instead of cutlery… possibly the best taste testing ever! The steak was divine and ridiculously tender. I was sat, amazed at the speed and ease in which the chef diced the meat and did actually ask if he could come home with me and cook for me every day…! Always worth a shot!

All the ingredients as fresh as they can be and the number of avocados stacked high was incredible – all to make the wonderful guacamole of course!

We moved swiftly on to attempting to roll a burrito… now I have a wrap most days… I literally roll it and hope for the best. Apparently there is a knack to making a burrito. The staff in the actual store can make them in around 11 seconds… I think we all took about 11 minutes each to make ours. Still, practice makes perfect!

Our attempts with simply wrapping rice were a great success, mainly due to the fact the wraps literally had a tiny amount of rice in them. We were reliably informed that actually filling the wraps with other food (as you are supposed to, unless you really do like rice that much!) would prove slightly more difficult.


I was the 4th person to make a burrito and I had already figured it best not to fill to the sides not fill it as much as everyone else. What I learned was that a burrito is jammed packed, filled to the brim with goodness, though seriously packed full of food. I had the chef behind me giving me pointers on what to include in mine, I figured if he is recommending it, it must be good and I was right to follow his lead. Each bite was heavenly, though at 11am it was way too much for me to cope with and I couldn’t eat it all. We are talking, brown rice, beef, jalapenos, tomato and onion salsa, peppers and onions, the special hot sauce, sour cream, cheese… I am exhausted just trying to remember everything I included… oh spicy beans too! See what I mean.

The most awesome thing about the Barburrito burritos? They are like a fiver! There are meal deals with drinks and nachos included too for a little more but for everything included it is a bargain!

Will I go back there again? If I was a betting lady then I would say yes… I would quite happily trot on back there, even with Liv in tow – as for £2.95 kids can have a mini burrito or salad bowl, drink – they even offer kids parties and balloons are freely available.

The atmosphere is light and friendly, though I imagine it is manic at lunchtimes – the food is too delicious and good value not to pop in there.

For something different and a choice you will not regret, give Barburrito a shot…

Had to be done… right?!

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Heather July 11, 2013 - 12:35 pm

ha this is ace. The burrito making was brilliant. I was a bit afraid of eating somewhere like that before because I did’t know what all the stuff was and would have felt daft having to ask. I had such a great day. I was very impressed with your burrito rolling. And your galloping, naturally.

Sim July 11, 2013 - 9:48 pm

I think it’s one of those that if you know what you are going to order it’s fine – just don’t spend 10 minutes choosing what you are going to have – in fact just ask the chef!!


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