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Oh How I Love To Shop!

by S1m

This weather coupled with a fantastic weight loss means only one thing… I really want to go shopping and update my summer wardrobe, though it probably just my luck if I did that it would actually rain next week!

I actually move out of my comfort zone and wore a maxi dress to the Blog On bag packing event over at Laura’s house. It seemed I was not the only one to embrace the sun and keep as cool and comfy as possible as everyone else decided to wear maxi dresses too!

So in the future whenever anyone questions what I was doing the day Andy Murray won Wimbledon, I can say… I was at Laura’s and I wore a maxi dress… Clearly I am extremely proud of myself… Can you tell?

From a lady who always rocks the jeans look, it is a big thing for me and it was meant I have been perusing the Next Directory website more than usual. There are so many beautiful maxi dresses on the site, it would be hard to pick just one. Possibly a little dangerous for me to keep looking otherwise I will also be looking at bankruptcy!

Although I am currently sat in the hairdressers as I type and have to admit I have found a new lease of life with regards to colour and am finding myself being slightly more adventurous. With a few events to attend and dates to go on, surely this can only be a good thing!

It is very easy to slip into debt territory, especially with so many lovely things that I would love to buy right now, whether for myself or Liv. Ways to ensure this does not happen are to set up a rainy day fund, then when a rainy day comes along we can treat ourselves. It’s always good to speak to someone if you feel you things are getting too much for you and you feel you are going into debt. My best friend in the whole wide world knows everything about me, including my finances – we both know if we are ever in need of a little help we can rely on each other and I can talk to her about my worries.

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Karen July 23, 2013 - 3:18 am

I love love love maxi dresses. I bought lots of them when I was pregnant and I still wear them now. They’re great! Did I mention that I love them?!

Sim July 23, 2013 - 9:15 am

Maxi Dresses are absolutely awesome, I will definitely be stocking up on a few more 🙂


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