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Sunny Days… Spent Inside Tidying Up Paperwork

by S1m

This weather is ridiculously hot, there really is no escape from it at all. The fans are on full blast at the moment to get the air circulating but still it is not enough. Having said that, yet again I could not sleep at all whilst on our mini break in London as the air conditioning kept me awake… where is the middle ground?!

I certainly need to find it after today, which has been spent cleaning and tidying, for the greatest portion of the day. It was great tidying out my office though as I have found so many things I had totally forgotten about! Put it this way, if I ever had an emergency that required 100 envelopes or a will dispute, considering I have several copies of the same will just in case I lose one, I have a feeling I will be ok.

My recycling bins are filled to the brim with papers now and the thought of having to go another 2 weeks with several tip runs to make was enough for me to get the fire pit out and utilise it. It was lovely to sit outside after tonight’s super yummy BBQ and set fire to lots of paperwork. Not exactly the most environmentally friendly way to cut down on my pile of papers but certainly the most effective, especially as my shredder has broken.

I can start my work tomorrow with a totally fresh outlook though, not only will I not have to tidy my office for a while, but I have lots of lovely, brand new, clean, sparkly notepads to use and lots of fantastic pens I had totally forgotten about. I am definitely one of those people who purchases notepads to keep them pristine as opposed to actually using them. Totally defeats the object, but considering I could actually open up my own notepad shop, I guess I should start using them… starting tomorrow!

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Karen July 23, 2013 - 3:20 am

Sim, you can never have too many notepads!

Sim July 23, 2013 - 9:14 am

I know, I was tidying them up again yesterday and I don’t think I will ever use even half of them… but I know I will still keep adding to my pile of pads 😛


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