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Goodwood Festival Of Speed 2013

by S1m

Last weekend Liv and I enjoyed a fantastic time in London, topped off with the final day at the 20th annual Goodwood Festival of Speed. On one of the hottest days of the year, we set off pretty early for the (almost) South coast and as expected got stuck behind all the cars also heading to the event. Luckily we had AC – an absolute must! Liv and I received complimentary tickets to attend the event, the post has been written from memory after a very hectic week and I have also received a voucher for writing this post.

An annual weekend event that takes place at Goodwood… expect to drool over modern cars, luxury cars, totally out of your price range cars and vintage cars. Put it this way, I wouldn’t like to be the person dealing with the motor traders insurance for the amazing fleet of horsepower that was on show.


According to reports, there were over 200,000 visitors to the Festival of Speed over the 4 day event. Fortunately for us, Toyota very kindly looked after us and allowed us to chill out in their very spacious VIP area… which also included a balcony overlooking the event. Perfect for when it all got a little too much.

From the balcony we watched the likes of Damon Hill and Nico Rosberg whizz by… surely an easier trip out for them than a Grand Prix circuit.

So, every car manufacturer you could think of was in attendance… but who was HOT…

Toyota… Has to be up there right? They had several of their amazing GT 86 on display, making me whimper every time I walked past. If you were a whizz at Grand Turismo then you were able to have a go by sitting in an actual GT 86 and racing around the game track.

Ford… awesome, weird, Transformer looking stand. Definitely very eye catching and there were awesome things going on inside… the best thing about the stand? The fact they were giving away free Orange ice lollies…

Lexus… linked with Toyota so definitely deserve a mention, mainly for the fact all the cars they showcased outside their stand were of the ‘F-sport’ variety. Gotta love horsepower!

…and who was NOT…

Audi… I personally don’t like them. I don’t even know why I wasted my precious time stepping aboard their stand.

Renault… Seriously guys, I would have bent over backwards to seal a deal on a Renault Clio Sport that particular day. Just like waiters when you want the restaurant bill, there was no-one to be found to speak to.

Honda… Not as ‘exciting’ as I expected from a manufacturer I rate highly. Though from a little research, my favourite Honda, the Civic Type -R will be re-launched in 2015 to be in line with the Euro V emissions regulations. The ‘next Civic Type R will aim to be the fastest Front Wheel Drive production car on the Nurburgring’ – so I have a couple of years to save up to get my hands on one of these beasts 🙂

If you really love cars, this is THE event for you – there is so much to see, experience and so many cars to sit in and dream of owning. There were lots of interesting people to talk to and if I do attend again in the future then I will most certainly be using my blogger status to speak with more people. A key into the VIP Drivers Paddock would also be a handy tool 😛

Food as you can imagine was in abundance but seating was dire, especially without any shade. for a cheese burger you were looking at £6. Ice-creams around £2-£3 each. Luckily we enjoyed free beverages at the Toyota stand however drinks were somewhere in the middle of ice-creams and cheese burgers.

It was hard going with a child as shade was hard to find and in all honesty, albeit watching Porsche drifting around a wet field was quite fun, trawling around car stands was not so much for a 4 year old. Liv did however perk up when she noticed a giant inflatable slide – £3 for 5 minutes.

It was a horrendously long, but lovely day at Goodwood Festival of Speed and we so did not get to see even half of the amazing shows that occurred during the day and I still did not get to see Jenson Button… oh well… there is always next year!

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Karen July 23, 2013 - 3:16 am

This looks like something Ted would love! I’m crap at cars. I want to know if the radio has steering wheel controls or if I can lock the back windows so the kids can’t mess about!

Sim July 23, 2013 - 9:16 am

LMFAO!! Yes Ted would no doubt have loved it – lots to do and just not enough time to see it all… champagne at £142 a bottle… needless to say I was on bottled water!! Though did have a pint of San Miguel for £4.20 😛


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