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Home Improvement Update… I Have A New Bedroom!

by S1m

This should be a SPONSORED POST and feature paid content however HushHush who are part of MarkcoMedia have failed to pay me – despite a written contract being in place.


When my parents landed at my house last week, I had already set the kettle to boil. However they had other ideas… ideas that included me tidying out my tip of an office… before they had even had a brew!

My office was on the list of rooms to improve in the house, a list that is now very long with home improvement ideas, though I was not prepared for the full onslaught. I am pretty sure that I lost a stone in sweat as it was absolutely boiling, but I did manage to fill my paper recycling bin to the brim with papers that I no longer needed.

A trip down to Ikea was planned and off my parents toddled with a list of flat pack furniture that would finally arrange the office into what it should be… the third bedroom/office area and no longer a dumping ground. Clearly my house is not large enough for all our things even though it is only Liv and myself that live here! Even the dog is relegated to having only one cupboard to herself!

Online shopping on sites such as Hushhush have been a godsend for all my home improvement ideas and there are some fantastic bargains to be had. I have lots of amazing, creative ideas floating around my head but my problem is that I get bored and distracted quite easily so nothing is ever finished 100%. Even painting my bedroom became tedious in the sweltering weather so I ended up sloshing paint all over the walls instead of carefully smoothing around the edges.

Accessorising as opposed to decorating is by far my favourite thing to do – generally purple items are a hit no matter what they are. There is one item though that is currently winging its way to me that I am super excited about… a SodaStream!! It is THE accessory for any kitchen… the fact it makes drinks is one thing, but the fact it also makes adult cocktails is another. I am on postman watch as I type… it’s going to be a long wait.

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Karen July 24, 2013 - 8:24 am

Well jell re: the soda stream! I’m still working on Ted to let me buy one, thought since we got a bottle and a flavour in our goody bags at weekend I’m not sure how he can say no, right?

Sim July 24, 2013 - 9:39 am

I am like an excitable little puppy I tell you – it’s going to be a bubble overload 🙂 x

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