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MoneySupermarket #TheCharcoalChallenge

by S1m

I was given the opportunity to take part in the MoneySupermarket Charcoal Challenge… something that I was unsure of as I am no good around fire… well, barbecues actually. I do have a large gas BBQ however until my Dad showed me how to work it, I had no idea how to use it.

So for the sake of this challenge, I cheated ever so slightly and purchased 2 x medium sized disposable BBQ’s from Tesco. Much easier than expected to use and even my Mum was impressed… that is no easy feat I tell you!

My parents had arrived from France earlier in the day and straightaway my house was caught in a whirlwind of room changes and tidying. To make chicken and salad kebabs was a lovely way to end the day… just so that I could actually relax!

The shopping had been delivered and my fridge was filled with all the BBQ essential such as burgers, sausages and the all important coleslaw! To make use of the decking and sit outside in the sun was great – however my parents did complain about how hot is was. Seriously!! They live in the South of France and complained about how hot it was in Manchester!

If I had had more time to prepare food I could quite happily have created a feast, especially as I vamished. Mum still complained about the amount of food… it didn’t stop my Dad eating and enjoying it though 😛

It was not the raucous BBQ party I had in mind, especially after Jenny’s and Heather’s BBQ’s as we were all knackered but it was lovely to create such a yummy meal for my parents! Though now my Dad has shown me how to use my huge gas BBQ the only thing stopping me from hosting parties is the weather…!

So how did my BBQ break down price wise?

2 x Disposable BBQ’s – £5.98

Disposable foil trays – £2.00

Lettuce – £1.25

Cherry Tomatoes – £1.85

Chicken Drumsticks – £4.69

Sliced Red Onion – £0.99

8 British Beef Burgers – £6.49

Cucumber – £0.80

Single Cream – £0.62

Sour Cream and Chive Dip – £0.93

White Seeded Burger Buns – £0.85

Red Onions – £1.19

Strawberries – £3.99

Sausages – £2.40

Coleslaw – £1.39

Quiche Lorraine – £2.49

Hot Dog Rolls – £0.80

Mixed Peppers – £1.75

Button Mushrooms – £1.12

Runny Honey – £1.75

5 x Lemons – £1.38

Bamboo Skewers – £1.99

Altogether that makes £46.70 on the Ocado food and the BBQ’s from Tesco. Unfortunately my bottles of beer and a bottle of wine pushed this total up ever so slightly 🙁 However it does prove, that if you do not drink  you can quite happily have a lovely BBQ meal for 4 people (with food left over) including strawberries and cream for afters 🙂


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Jenny @ The Brick Castle August 10, 2013 - 6:13 pm

Oooh, I love the red onion cooking on top of the burgers – I’ve always put mine in a little foil tray, but I bet that really adds the flavour!
My barbeque wasn’t raucous….I think…. 😀

Sim August 12, 2013 - 9:20 am

Mate I love red onion in general… I could sit down and eat it all day! It came in a huge multi pack already chopped up from Ocado and I was dipping my hand in and eating like they were crisps… drool!! 🙂 Your bbq was fab 🙂 x


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