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Choosing A Wedding Venue – What To Think About

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Your wedding should be the one of the happiest days of your life, and you’ll want all the influencing factors to be spot on when planning this major event. The venue is among the most important aspects to consider – read our question and answer guide to help you work out the location that will be right for your nuptials.

Q – How many guests are you inviting?

– The type of venue you choose will depend on how large a party you’re expecting to attend your big day. Some couples want to share their wedding with all their friends and relations, while others prefer a more intimate gathering comprised of the most important people in their lives.

If you have a lot of people attending your wedding, you’ll need to give some thought to how far they will have to travel to reach the venue, and whether it will be big enough to accommodate everyone. Castles, barns and country houses all offer plenty of room for a large wedding party, while boutique hotels, manor houses and private members clubs can all be idealvenues for a smaller wedding party.

Q – Does your wedding have a theme?

A – Whether your wedding has a theme might have a big impact on the type of location you choose for your nuptials. For example, if you’re keen to have the whole fairytale experience, you might want to take a look at gothic castles for your venue. Meanwhile, if you’re hoping for a rustic-style wedding, you might consider locations like a historical barn with plenty of old-fashioned charm.

Q – Will children be attending?

A – Many people want their young relations and their friends’ children to be able to share their big day, while others want to make the most of a peaceful setting without children. It’s entirely up to you which you choose, but be aware that little ones may be noisy at times and haven’t the same level of patience as adult guests! You’ll also need to consider how well the venue you choose caters for little ones – is there anything to keep them entertained? Does your reception venue offer a children’s menu?

Q – How big is your budget?

– Another important consideration when arranging where to hold your wedding is your budget. Think about whether you want to hire out an entire venue or are happy to just use a couple of rooms, and if you want your reception to be held at the same place as the ceremony itself.

Some venues also offer accommodation facilities for the bride and groom, while others have extra rooms for guests to stay in overnight, but this will obviously add to the overall cost. See if the venues you like offer any special packages to get the best value for money.

Q – Can you be flexible with the date?

A – Wedding venues get booked up quickly – often months if not years in advance, so if you find somewhere you really like you might need to move fast to secure a booking. Being flexible with your dates could mean you have more choice when it comes to the venue you choose, especially if there’s an otherwise long waiting list to book your big day at the location you like best.

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