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What To Do With My Child Free Time!!

by S1m

The reality of having 2 child free weeks is that you can become very bored, very quickly. As I am about to find out again, as of tomorrow. Naturally I am being handed 2 weeks to myself for once, proper ‘me – time’ where I can do anything I like, have total control over the tv remote, stay out as late as I like or even return early in the morning… or even not return home. Though I think my dog would be pretty miffed with me if I did that!

All the free time sounds like bliss however, the reality is that I will actually miss watching Tom and Jerry on the tv. I will miss the constant requests and I will miss my mini me who likes to partake in singing 80’s classics with me around the house and in the car. I have a feeling the 2 weeks will drag so with that in mind I have already lined up a jam packed first week…

My first free week is going to be filled with having my hair highlighted, maybe having my nails done, relaxing baths, lots of dog walks with the lovely Heather amongst other friends too. Days and nights out with the exact specifics to be confirmed nearer the time and netball. Yes, you read correctly!! Netball!! Heather and I are signing up to join a local netball club local to us, as well as a running club. Call us crazy, but by Christmas we will be skinny minnies… you watch and see!

My problem however seems to be filling time in my second week. I shall actually have to do some work at some point, but I am allowing myself some much needed time to just slob and catch up with everyone. Plus I guess the second week all depends on how certain events the first week pan out 😛

I have been thinking I would love to go to a concert and rather randomly have been scrolling through Rod Stewart tour dates amongst others. A cinema trip too would also be nice, along with some shopping, maybe a trip bowling… naturally there maybe a bottle of wine featured at some point… the list simply is endless…


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Red Rose Mummy August 9, 2013 - 10:51 pm

I didn’t have you pegged as a Rod Stewart woman Sim, Tom Jones yes, but not Rod!

Sim August 12, 2013 - 9:38 am

I am an enigma… seriously… no-one can work me out!! 😛 I clearly like old crooners!!


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