Introducing The New Man In My Life

Earlier today, I announced on Twitter that I would be introducing my latest squeeze to the world. Well, prepare yourselves lovelies as he is one hot piece of stuff!

I even think that 99.9% of you will actually recognise him. Yes, I am extremely lucky to be chilling with β€˜the’ Sir Tom Jones… he of the very deep voice fame… growllllll!

It’s not unusual for women to throw themselves at him and I am very protective of him… he is a one woman man, sorry ladies! Though it is a bit odd that he likes to cook in the buff…


Tom is one very cheeky, frisky man indeed and he even shocks me! He weirdly has a cagoule which he wears when he is out and about… he was very chivalrous and let me borrow it in case I spilled any wine over myself on a recent night out. Sir Tom is ever so thoughtful and the perfect gent…image2
*Ok, obviously Tom is only a cardboard cut out and currently resides with the wonderful Jenny who is reviewing as part of a blog collaboration with Celebrity CutOuts. I am hoping to actually find a more realistic, younger gentleman who possibly likes to cook with his clothes on… and DOES NOT own a cagoule of any sort… nor white washed slim fit jeans!! Mhmmm it may just be easier to stick with Tom Jones!


    • Sim says:

      LOL!! Didn’t Mark Wahlberg recently tell the Bieber to start pulling his pants up?! I am not in cougar territory just yet πŸ˜› x

    • Sim says:

      Hey… you brought it around you cheeky git!! Not my fault you brought one of the kids ‘cags’ around with you! It suited tom perfectly though! πŸ™‚ xx

  1. Rebecca says:

    We had a Boba Fett cut out at uni. We used to stand it at the top of the stairs in our flat to scare off burglars. I reckon Tom Jones would be scarier.

    • Sim says:

      We *may* just have sung all the songs we could remember… very loudly… like ‘I am in no way shape or form sober’ volume – the best cut out ever!x

    • Sim says:

      LOL!! I seriously couldn’t resist – there are others floating around of me snogging him… glass in hand naturally!! πŸ˜› x

    • Sim says:

      LOL!! Ahhhh The Valleys πŸ™‚ I was only down that way a couple of weeks ago – crazy people… they make me look tame!! x

  2. Carolin says:

    Haha nut job! I absolutely love it. Tom looks scarily real in the very first picture. I was actually wondering how the hell you’d managed to make him wear THAT apron πŸ˜‰

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