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More Home Improvements!!!

by S1m

I am currently sat here typing with a tornado creating a huge mess around me. I wouldn’t normally mind two strapping lads in my house clearing my pipes, but this is not exactly what I had expected. When someone utters the words ‘This is going to be a big job’ it is enough to bring you out in sweats and not the good kind!

Currently my old boiler is being replaced with a brand spanking, more efficient boiler which is going to free up a lot of space. Another tick against a job on my Home Improvement list. Though I never imagined how much mess could be created and the fact I would actually have to go out and purchase bricks to repair damage to my house. Oh the joys! I can only image that the hoover will be on for a while when it is all finished. I am pretty sure that looking at property sales for a new house would be an awful lot easier… and less noisy! Put it this way the guys are not going to be appearing on X Factor soon and the music they are listening to is even raising my eyebrows! Meatloaf… really?!

I am impressed with how things in the house are changing but I still have so many grand plans. Changing the living room around and furnishing with new sofas once the walls have been decorated is still a high priority. Though as I type and stroke my chunky monkey dog who is currently snoring away beside me, I realise it is pointless with a child who likes to use felt tips and a dog who likes to lie down next to me. Oh well!

Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well with the install and that hopefully I will have my water back on by the end of the day!

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Red Rose Mummy September 11, 2013 - 11:00 pm

I don’t envy you that one, we had our boiler replaced earlier in the year and it was a pain. Better to do it now than when it gets really cold though.

S1m September 12, 2013 - 3:51 pm

I know! I was impressed it was all done in a day… I was expecting it to take a couple of days! Shame I have had to have the heating on already 🙁


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