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Lose A Stone For Christmas – Weight Loss Sunday!

by S1m

This week has been great for weight loss and I am certainly on target for losing a stone before Christmas. I am not too sure if it is more down to the fact I have not let a drop of alcohol pass my lips in over a week due to Go Sober or for the fact Heather and I have been hitting the gym.

Yes the gym craze is still continuing to the point that we attended on consecutive days this week… it really did seem like a good idea at the time, however our muscles and joints certainly paid for the brainwave. Surely all the pain has to be a good thing, right?

Well this week, with a combination of everything I have lost 2lbs. Not too great, but not too shabby either, especially considering I have not been entirely healthy with my eating habits. Lunch out with my lovely matey after a Friday swimming, jacuzzi and sauna session would no doubt have overshadowed our good work in the gym. Though at least we didn’t have any drink and both continued on our Go Sober journey.

What am I going to do differently this week?

Well, for a start I am going to cut out snacking, as I have found I have been snacking a little more in place of having an actual meal. Obviously I do not want to pick up my old, snacking habits again so I am going to try and find other ways to occupy my time (such as writing blog posts!) and will drink more water to help fill my stomach.

If I have a day off the gym I am definitely going to jump on my bike and maybe even brave putting The Shred on to keep the momentum going!

My wine wedge has definitely deflated somewhat this week so I must be doing something right… bring on next week!

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Jayne T October 6, 2013 - 2:00 pm

2 lbs in a week is really good, well done! I might be brave and jump on my bike this week too, see if it’ll help me get back on track. Thanks for linking up and good luck for next week x

S1m October 6, 2013 - 7:01 pm

Well done hun!! Homeland is starting tonight so definitely a reason to get the bike out – looking forward to going back to the gym again this next week… bring on the weight loss!! 😉 x

Gemma October 6, 2013 - 4:21 pm

I’d be really chuffed with myself for losing 2lb! You’re well on your way to losing a stone for Christmas. I’ve just joined in with the blog slimmers as I started slimming world last week, hopefully I’ll have a loss too for weigh-in on Wednesday! Good luck. x

S1m October 6, 2013 - 7:02 pm

Thanks love, just hope I can keep it up. I’ve found not drinking it certainly helping, though have a feeling October is going to be a long month 🙁
Good luck for your weigh in on Wednesday, look forward to reading about your progress x

Sharon October 6, 2013 - 7:07 pm

2lbs is fantastic, well done! I’ve not had alcohol pretty much for the last two years although I don’t think I can put all my weight loss down to it I do believe the benefit with not drinking it comes from not eating junk the morning after. I used to exercise daily and plan to get back to that, I just like to mix it up a bit. I think a nice lunch is well deserved!

Sharon x

S1m October 6, 2013 - 7:19 pm

Thanks lovely! I am quite chuffed with it indeed – drinking water helps enormously! Definitely going to get on the bike when Homeland is on – need to kick start the new week the way I want to continue 🙂 x

Sharon October 6, 2013 - 7:26 pm

Great plan! I always (not that I’ve been able to use it recently) found something to distract me whilst using my sit down elliptical, I always lasted much longer without realising.
I carry a bottle of water with me at all times now, I used to think it was a bit silly but sometimes I think I’m hungry when I’m just thirsty and having it to hand stops me from testing to see if it is hunger first!

Mum Reinvented October 7, 2013 - 10:27 am

Well done, that’s great! Your pool/jacuzzi/llunch session sounds great, I need to fit in more girly days out and treat myself more often, makes all the dieting feel worthwhile! Good luck this week! x

spicers1976 October 7, 2013 - 5:02 pm

wine wedge! like that phrase. I need to cut that one out, well done for last week

Becky October 7, 2013 - 10:04 pm

OOH I should join you all I just cannot seem to stop snacking so fed up with myself

Camille October 8, 2013 - 6:53 pm

Wow, you are doing great!! I need to get on the ball and start going to the gym too. I just never seem to find any time.

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