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Review: Bubble Buster Kazoo Game And Rapidough From Drumond Park

by S1m
Drumond Park

Never mind children liking bubbles… even as an adult I love them too. Which makes the Drumond Park Bubble Buster Kazoo game pretty awesome for the whole family to join in with.

Consisting of a Kazoo on the end of a bubble blower – the Kazoo may have been hidden after the first 15 minutes of use, a Bubble ‘pinger’, a pot of bubbles and a little petree dish to dispense the bubble mixture – the game is clearly very easy to set up, use and master.

The aim of the game is for one player to blow bubble whilst Player 1 with the Bubble ‘pinger’ tries to pop as many bubbles as they possibly can. Each bubble burst is recorded with a ping and when the allowed time is over, the score is revealed. Then it’s a case of swapping over for Player 2 to have their go. Such a simple concept but highly addictive, especially if you like blowing bubbles… and popping them!

The ‘pinger’ has quite a cute face and the game is really quite appealing to all. The bubble mixture however really did not last long at all as my daughter took it upon herself to dispense of this herself. Though I have always found it very easy to knock up more bubble mixture with washing up liquid and water… any away you go again! RRP £9.99 perfect for aged 4 years plus –  it is an ideal stocking filler, especially with Christmas on the horizon!

Drumond Park also very kindly sent us a Rapidough game to try out as it is perfect for ‘family games nights’. The only problem is, the three pots of different coloured dough included with the game were not used the intended way. In fact we now have a Sydney the snake (although it appears to have slithered off in the house!) and a dough figure of our dog, complete with spotty coat, smile, nose and eyes. Clearly the dough can be replaced!

The aim of the game is to pick a card from the pack included, sculpt the figurine mentioned (there are hundreds to be used!) on the card from the two pots of coloured dough whilst other players guess what you have actually made. It sounds easier than it is… though I really am not creative in any way shape or form 🙁 The first player (or team) to guess the correct sculpture wins the round! The winning team takes a ‘plug’ of dough from the losing team – there are plugs, cutting mats and also plastic dough cutters included – which makes it even harder for the losing team.

A fun game and I love the concept of this, it can literally keep you entertained for ages… perfect for kids and adults!

This is a true family game and can keep everyone engaged for quite some time. Perfect for ages 8 years plus. RRP £24.99.

Watch out for the new giveaway going live at the weekend! 🙂

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